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Summary of The Dark is Rising

No description

Andrew Smith

on 20 May 2014

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Transcript of Summary of The Dark is Rising

Summary of The Dark is Rising
by Andrew Smith
The Finding
Chapter 1
MIdwinter's Eve:
- Will and James goes to feed the bunnies
-the rabbits are scared of Will
-Farmer Dawson talks about the Walker and how it is going to be a bad night
-Farmer Dawson gives Willl the sign of sign of iron
- dogs are scared of Will
- rooks attack a tramp
-it starts snowing and the weather gets bad
- When Will goes to sleep, he has a terrible night
-Robin, his brother wakes him up
Chapter 2 Midwinter's day:
-will wakes up to music
- when will wakes up snow and new trees are every where
-everyone is asleep and will can`t wake them up
-Will ventures out
-he finds John, a black smith, that is putting horse shoes on a all white horse
-will tells john he wants to find the walker
-john tells him to take the horse, but will refuses
-a black horse comes also
-the horse shoes match the iron sign
-will finds the walker
-the rider finds will and chases him
-the white horse saves him
-Will finds some wooden doors
Chapter 3
The sign seeker:
-Will enters the doors and walks down a long hallway
-He meets a man named Merriman and the old lady
-Merriman tellls Will he is an old one
-an old one keeps the balence in light and darkness
-Merriman "sends" will an image in will's head and Will describes it
-then will sends merrriman an image and merriman describes it perfectly
-merriman tells will he can control fire
-will tells the fire to go out and back on
-merriman tells will he is the sign seeker
-he has to find all the signs to save the world from the darkness
-he has the sign of iron so he has 1 out of 6
- will hears his dogs and mother crying in pain threw some doors and lets the darkness in
-will tries to beat the darkness himself, but he losses and when the old lady tries to help him she disappears
-merriman takes will back to his time and everone wakes up

Chapter 4
The Walker on the Old Way:
-will is getting christmas presents for his brothers and sisters
-will decides to go threw Tramps' alley to get home faster
-will tries out his fire on a twig
-the fire started but he couldn't put it out
-the walkers sees what he did and tells him to put it out
-will says he does not know how and realizes the walker has a sign
-the walker complains about how he has been carrying it for centuries but can't trust will
-will commands him to give him it and he gets the sign of bronze
-maggie, a worker on the Dawson's farm, turns out to be a witch and tells will to give her the signs
-merrriman comes to the rescue and maggie goes away
-wil returns home and merriman disappears
The learning:
Chapter 5
Christmas Eve:
-will and his family go to get a Christmas tree at the dawson's farm
-Will figures out Mr.Dawson is an old one and wants to warn him of maggie
-mr.dawson tells them that maggie moved away
-while the family is setting up the christmas tree, will finds ornaments made by mr.dawson that are shaped as the families first letter of their names
-their is a T which turns out to be his dead brother tom
-will was missing and learns his was a symbol instead of a W
-Will thinks it was not a W so that the dark could not use it
-the family decides to go caroling
-when the get to Mrs. Greythourne's merriman is the butler instead of the usual one
-when their singing merriman and will time travel
Chapter 6
The Book of Gramarye:
-they arrive at a party and see a lady in a dress
-will learns that the lady is a younger mrs.greythourne and they are at the manor
-will meets hawkin a man brought to this time by merriman
-merriman is hawkin's lord
-hawkin gives will a special drink
-they party is made up of old ones to see the renewal of the wooden sign
-every hundred years the sign is renewed
-the sign is made out of rowan
-mrs.greythourne breaks the sign in half and throws it in the fire
-when she pulls it out she wipes off the ashes and it is renewed
-she puts it in a panel in the wall
-merriman tells will he has to find the sign in his own time
-hawkin, merriman, and will go to read the book of gramarye
-hawkin is put to sleep when they enter the room
-will is left to read the book, and merriman says when he is done the book will turn to ashes
Chapter 7

-Will learns so much from the book of gramarye
-he feels like he has lived for thousands of years
-merriman destroys the book by hitting it with the pendulum
-when they come back out they see maggie
-they see that hawkin has betrayed them and joined the dark
-he betrayed them because his life was risked for a book
-they returned to will's time
-while they are having punch and paul looked at the old flutes and recorders will got the wooden sign out of the panel
-he saw maggie and the rider but they quickly disappeared when he called for merriman
-they return home and go to sleep
Chapter 8
Christmas day:

-the family was opening presents
-will got to open the first one since he is the youngest
-he gets a present from stephen, a weird deer/human/dog face
-stephen said he got it from an old man that told him to combine it for Will's birthday present and christmas present
once their all done, the here a person at the door which is Mr.Mitothin, which is actually the rider
-Will freezes time and tells him to get out, but the rider says he cab because will's father invited him
-the rider brought a box, which it had Mr.stanton's gift to Mrs.Stanton
-it was a beautiful bracelet
-when he left the family went to church
-when the service was over the darkness attacked
- the regular people were in panic and confused, and the old ones lined up to defeat it
-luckily half of the signs could defeat it
-their was a rook that will and Paul saw that lead them to the walker
-they decided to take him home and get dr.armstrong
-on the radio it said their was going to be even more snow
-when will went to bed merriman woke him up saying their is a festival they had to attend
-their was to boys they extended the chant that merrriman orriginally said

The Testing:
Chapter 9
The Coming of the Cold:
-snow is still falling
-will is going to see if the walker is up
-the walker some honey and bread
-when will asks if the walker remembered and he says no
-when he asks in old speech he screams
-the snow keeps coming down and they are running out of resources
-they go out to get food
-Mrs.Pettigrew, the store is running out of food and they are cut off from the world
-merriman comes in and says they are having everyone going to the manor because their is more food, it is warmer, and dr.armstrong is their
-mr.stanton says he and the family will not go
-will, mr.stanton and the twins go to take the walker to the manor
-when they get their dr.armstrong takes him
-they were going to leave but merriman said to stay here because it is going to get very bad
-he and merriman time travel again and see the old lady
-she says the next sign is the sign of fire
-the walker says he wants will and tells will the rider will come to him
-the start singing
-the walker starts calling in the darkness
-merriman calls the walker hawkin
Chapter 10
Hawk in the dark:
-merriman wants hawkin/the walker come back to the light but he refuses
-hawkin brings the darkness in
-nine tall flames came towards them
-merriman tried to get them to stop but it didn't work because they didn't have all the signs
-when time unfroze it got colder, the furnace went out, and everyone was confused
-farmer dawson needs help cleaning up the snow that feel down the chimney and will helps
-the walker attacks will telling to give him the signs
-john smith and dr.armstrong help him and the docter puts him to sleep with medicine
-the room was in cause with more snow coming in and babies whining
-when the walker was knocked otu the dark stopped attacking and it got less cold
-suddenly the candles of winter appeared and the old ones had to catch them before they disappeared
-they appeared back with the old lady
-they fitted the candlesinto their sockets
-soon fire shot up and formed the sign of fire
-they appeared bac into their own time and heard thunder
-soon rain started falling
-it started getting warmer
-max came and told will to get the dad and dr.armstrong because the mom fell down the stairs and broke her leg
Chapter 11
King of Water and Fire:
-james told will and paul that mary disappeared
-mary tried to go to the manor
-paul gets suspicious about will and what is happening
-will tells him it is because of the signs
-he says they are valuable and three or more people wnat them and the walker is included to
-it starts raining harder and getting warmer
-paul got chased by the rooks
-raining so hard the road is beganing to become a river
-the river is carrying many things away
-he finds farmer george, an old one
-george says they are going to raise the hunt
-goerge has to leave will
- he finds stephen's odd gift and tries to chase it but realizes he would just have to leave it
-the white horse comes and will rides it
-will found an island not their before
-he finds hawkin on the island
-hawkin says his sister is on the island
-he says the dark will trade his sister for the signs
-will doesn't believe she is their
-mary appears on the snow but when he touches her she disappears
- hawkin calls the rider
-the rider comes with an enchanted mary
-tthe rider has will's ornament, but it has no power sense it is not a W
-the rider says he will drowned mary if he doesn't give him the signs, but still will refuses
-suddenly a giant golden ship appeared and with a dead king on it (the rider leaves leaving mary)
-he was holding the sign of water the last sign
Chapter 12
The Hunt Rides:

-merriman and Will leave to join the signs
-they go to the Herne's Oak
-tonight the hunt rides
-George says mary is at home
-she thinks that she feel asleep in the barn and the stuff that really happened was a dream
-the rider was growing in power
-when will got there a man, herne the hunter, had stag antlers and golden eyes and was coming towards will
-he continued the words merriman and the boys said
-herne called his hounds
-they had red ears and eyes and white bodies
-it chased the dark and the rider away
-hawkin fell off the rider's horse
-hawkin was alowed to die at last
-he died loving merriman
Chapter 13
Joining of the signs:

-they time travel again
-they are at a place with a lot of old ones
-john smith joins the signs together
-there is iron for the anvil and oak for the foot
-he gives the signs to the old lady
-the old lady says they will need them again
-They need to find all the signs of power
- they already have two, one being the signs and the grail
-they need the gold harp and crystal sword
-they go back to their own time
-when will and merriman go to will's house
-mrs.greythourne brought presents for paul and will
-paul gets the flute and will gets a hunting horn
-in the snow bank he finds stephen's gift
-he hears the music one last time
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