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olivia ford

on 13 May 2010

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Transcript of Andorra

Andorra The Principality of Andorra was formed in 1278. It is a small country (approximately 468 square km) in southwestern Europe in the eastern Pyrenees Mountains and is bordered by France and Spain. Population Andorra has an estimated population of 83,888 people. Andorrans make up 32% of the population and the rest of the people are Spanish, French, Portuguese, British and Italian. Two important Andorrans are Alex Antor, who was in the Olympics as an alpine skier in 2006 (on the right) and Marc Bernaus, a famous soccer player ( on the left). Important People Significant Wars Andorra was neutral in World War ll and was a smuggling route to different countries. Music/Dance The principality of Andorra is home to folk dances like the contrapas and the marratxa. Andorran folk music has many similarities to music of nearby regions Spain and France. Folklore
A famous character from secular lore is Andorra's "White Lady" (also known as Our Lady of Meritxell or the Virgin of Meritxell). According to tradition, she was a princess abused by a wicked stepmother. After surviving her stepmother's attempt to have her killed, she married a man who headed a rebellion against her father and stepmother, and the two became Andorra's most famous couple. The "White Lady" is part of all major festivals.

Food Lamb, pork ( like ham), poultry, rabbit, fish, and sausages are common foods in Andorra. Local dishes have a lot of pasta and meat and vegetables like potatoes. Religion Over 90% of Andorrans are Roman Catholic but there are about 2,000 Muslims that are Northern African immigrants. There are other Christian faiths like the Anglican Church, Jehovah's Witnesses and the New Apostolic Church. Language The official language of Andorra is Catalan, however, French and Spanish are also common languages. Catalan is the official language used on the television, radio and in government. Sports/Hobbies
Andorra has the perfect climate for skiing. It is snow-covered for six months of the year, but its skies are clear and sunny. Once the ski season is over, Andorra's mountains are still busy with hikers, mountaineers, and rock climbers. They also compete in sports like rugby, soccer, tennis, and golf. Flag The national flag of Andorra was adopted in 1866. The flag is has vertical lines of red, blue and yellow with a coat of arms of Andorra. When you look at the flag all the bars may appear to be equal length but the yellow middle bar is slightly larger than the red and blue sides. Tourism Tourism is important to Andorra. Tourists visit Andorra for activities like hiking and sking in the vast mountains. All these activities bring in a lot of money to the country. Export/Import Spain and France are Andorra's main importers. Spain imports 51.5 % of Andorras products. France imports 22.3 % and the U.S. 0.3 %. Cigarettes and furniture are some of the main exports. Government Because it is a co-principality, there are two princes of Andorra, the President of France and the Bishop of Seo de Urgel. The main type of government is the parliamentary democracy. The head of the government is Jaume Bartumeu of the Social Democratic Party. He was sworn in on June 5, 2009. Economy Tourism (particularly skiing) makes up more than 80% of Andorra's economy. Electricity, tobacco products and furniture are all exported from this country. They import consumer goods and food. The Euro is the form of money used in Andorra. Land In Andorra the landscape is mountanious with lakes, forests, plateaus and a bonus are the great views of the sunsets. There are many houses that extend far into the forests. They have the solitude of having peace and quiet. Climate Andorra has a typical climate for any mountaneous area. There are a lot of sunny days with mild summers and cold winters that receive lots of rainfall. Rainfall occurs the most in the autumn. The common temperatures are 28'F (-2'C) and 75'F (24'C). Maps The maps of Andorra are detailed with info on climate and pyrenees, landforms, history,and population. Andorra's map is very detailed with facts about the climate of the Pyrenees, landforms, history, and population. Capital and Main Cities Andorra la Vella is the capital of Andorra. Some important cities are L' Aldosa, Meritxell, Prats, El Tartar, Aryos, Arinsal, Erts and Pals. Created by Olivia Ford
Craig Middle School
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