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Inner Beauty vs. Outer Beauty

No description

Amber Washburn

on 7 May 2015

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Transcript of Inner Beauty vs. Outer Beauty

Inner Beauty vs. Outer Beauty
My Survey Questions
Worldwide Male Beauty Standards
The number of men's beauty products increased by over 70% between 2012 and 2014
American men face media pressure to have a perfect, muscular body
Men who identify with Mexican culture value more "macho" behavior
Cosmetic surgery among men is becoming more common in Brazil and South Korea
In India, skin lightening creams are growing in popularity among men
Older celebrities and models are given a more youthful appearance.
For all ages, races, and genders, a perfect complexion is usually a myth in magazines, ads, etc.
Skin tone may also be changed.
Men's bodies are "beefed up" to look more muscular.
Only 4% of women worldwide consider themselves beautiful (was just 2% in 2004)
72% of girls feel a lot of pressure to be beautiful
80% of women say that every woman has something about her that is beautiful but they do not see this in themselves
Only 11% of girls around the world would use the word beautiful to describe themselves
54% of women globally say that when it comes to how their looks, they are their own worst critic
44.4% of males were in a relationship
75% were attracted to both outer and inner traits
25% were attracted to their partner's appearance
Data continued...
Subjects felt they were not beautiful because of
Lack of interest from others
Just do not feel beautiful
My Research Question:
How Do Mountwest Students Define Beauty?
By: Amber Washburn
General Psychology
Professor: Candace Layne


1) Age?

2) Gender?

3) Freshman, Sophomore, Junior, or Senior?

4) Are you in a relationship? Yes No

5) If you answered yes to the above question, what first attracted you to your significant other?

6) Do you consider yourself beautiful/handsome? Yes No

7) Why or why not?

8) What traits attract you to a potential partner?

9) Have you ever purchased something because an advertisement promised it would make you beautiful, stronger, thinner, etc? Yes No

10) Have you ever purchased something because you found a celebrity/model/spokesperson in the advertisement attractive? Yes No

11) Which of the following qualities do you find most attractive? Check any that apply.

o Nice body

o Cute smile

o Nice eyes

o Good hair

o Nice behind/rear

o Intelligence

o Sense of humor

o Confidence

o Common interests

o Good Attitude

12) Do you feel that others see you as beautiful/handsome? Yes No

13) Why or why not?

14) What is your definition of beauty?

Both men and women are made to feel held to impossible standards.
Behind what women see every day.
Based on prior research, my guess is that Mountwest students define beauty based mostly on physical appearance.
Subjects consisted of:
Both males and females
28 females and 9 males
Males ranging in age from 19-28
Females ranging in age from 18-59
Participants were Freshmen, Sophomores, and Seniors at Mountwest
53.6% of females were in a relationship
68.4% were attracted to their partner's inner traits
21% were attracted to outer traits
10.5% were attracted to both inner and outer traits
66.7% of males considered themselves handsome
42.9% because of appearance
42.9% inner traits
14.3% were told they are
14.3% felt that everyone is
14.3% did not answer
53.6% of females considered themselves beautiful
33.3% because of inner traits
22.2% appearance
22.2% comfortable with themselves
16.7% were told they are
16.7% gave no answer
11.1% felt that everyone is
The majority of females said they defined beauty by inner traits while the majority of males defined beauty as both inner and outer traits combined
Both males and females said that physical appearance is important in a relationship
My hypothesis was correct. Mountwest students define beauty based mostly on outer appearance
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