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The Destruction of Culture

No description

Naomi Mathew

on 10 March 2015

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Transcript of The Destruction of Culture

The Destruction of Culture
The Destruction of Culture
The Destruction of Culture
The Destruction of Culture
The Destruction of Culture
Anticipatory Set
What is the effect of the highly descriptive details in paragraphs 14 and 15? Does it detract from his argument or strengthen it?
Do you agree with Hedges's claim that the two important mediums that transmit information to the nation are the media and the schools?
Has reading this essay affected your thinking regarding culture and war?
"When the truck pulled into the yard, I climbed into the back. Before each corpse, wrapped in bloodstained blankets and rugs, was lifted out for washing and burial I checked to see if the body was mutilated. I pulled back the cloth to uncover the faces. The gouged out eyes, the shattered skulls, the gaping rows of broken teeth, and the sinewy strands of flayed flesh greeted me. When I could not see clearly in the fading light, I flicked on my Maglite. I jotted each disfigurement in my notebook."
- Chris Hedges, Paragraph 14
"The bodies were passed silently out of the truck. The were laid on crude wooden coffin lids placed on the floor of the shed. The corpses were wound in white shrouds by a Muslim critic in a red turban. The shed was lit by a lone kerosene lamp. It threw out ghastly, uneven, yellowish light. In the hasty effort to confer some dignity on the dead, family members, often weeping, family members, often weeping, tried to wash away the bloodstains from the faces. Most could not do it, and had to be helped away."

- Chris Hedges, Paragraph 15
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