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Social Media

No description

Isabella Larder

on 17 December 2014

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Transcript of Social Media

Cyber Bullying
Reputation relating your future
Social Media
(The world of Teenagers)
Relationships in a teens life take a part in Social Media.There are 3 kinds of relationships : Family, Friends, and Couples. Each one has Pros and Cons such as love or hate. Everything said on the internet goes around and comes back around .
Social media was thought to have been created to stay in touch with family members and friends that may not live close. Today it has turned into another target of people to be bullied. This is known as cyber bullying. Cyber bullying is bullying that takes place using electronic devices. Electronic devices include cell phones, computers, and tablets as well as communication tools including social media sites, text message, and websites.
Bullying has become more and more frequent among youths, especially through social media. In today's world youths have easy access to electronic devices and social media site no matter how old. Some statistics indicate that as many as 160,000 students a year skip schools just to avoid being harassed. Texting and social media are making it easier than ever to harass classmates.
Instagram, Tumblr, Twitter, Ask.fm, Facebook, and any app/website that exposes you.
In the society we live in now, the things we write or post on social media has created our reputations.
A real world example-
If a girl is known to post very exposed pictures of herself (not necessarily nudes) but photos to tease guys but has never had sexual interactions with a guy, she will still be known as a "slut" etc.

We tend to think that what we post or write won't affect us in the future or wont do harm to send a few "sexts" but that's not the truth...
Social Media Sites
Take a look..
Was this surprising?
5 ways your reputation can be effected by social media
Boring Posts- A post that lacks your unique personality or perspective.

Disrespecting others- Its not the place to work out your problems/create them. It is no different to start a verbal fight with a person in person than through the internet. Its still harmful, and unnecessary.

Promoting others- Hate pages, posting pictures of people without their permission, etc.

Not replying to comments- It is no different than starting a conversation with a person and then ignoring their response.

Being tagged in questionable posts- Think twice about letting people tag you in posts. You are creating an image for yourself.
The most common used social media sites for cyber bullying are:
These sites allow teens to send/post pictures and send harmful messages to others. Once something is posted on social media it will be here forever, even when it has been deleted.
Effects from cyber bullying
When someone is being cyber bullied the effects may not be noticeable at first but emotions build up over time and feelings are eventually shown.
Some of the most common effects are:
Not wanting to go to school
A sharp drop in grades and performance
Skipping school
Sudden self-esteem issues
Complaints of illnesses
Use of alcohol or drugs
Or even taking their own lives because they felt pressured, embarrassed and felt they had no other alternatives.
How to prevent cyber bullying
Cyber bullying may be prevented by:
Educating yourself
Protecting your password
Keeping photos “PG”
Never opening unidentified or unsolicited messages
Log out of online accounts
Pause before you post
Raise awareness
Setup privacy controls
Don’t be a cyber bully yourself
Posting pictures on Snapchat, Instagram, twitter, or any social media site of you or a person you know dealing with illegal drugs or alcohol will come back to haunt you in the long run.

Teenagers are CARELESS.

Its fine to post average pictures of ourselves online, but think twice about posting something inappropriate.
We have been told so far all our lives that colleges will trace back our teenage activities, and they will..

Same goes with Jobs.

"Up to 70% of employers who have used LinkedIn
say they have chosen not to hire a person based on
what they have found out about them online."

Prevent Having A Bad Reputation (For the Future)
Check your online identity
- Search yourself up on major search engines and social media sites. If you’re noticing that the top results are non-professional sources linked to your name, then it’s time to update your professional profiles. At least one of your top five search results for your name should relate to your professional interests.
Use the power of Social Media right-
DONT BE CARELESS. BE CAREFUL ABOUT WHAT YOU POST OR COMMENT. If you are looking to attend a good high class college and get a job then use social media to to demonstrate your strengths and signal to employers that you are the best person for the job.
Limit negative content-
With privacy settings constantly changing on Social Media sites, it’s better to be safe than sorry about what you share on social media.
Here is a short video...
Worked Sited
Being a couple over Social Media can be a good or bad thing. You see, you can have a connection with the person over Social Media but anyone can know who you are with and what you are up to. People over Social Media can interpret thing in the wrong way and that causes jealousy and can also get to the point where one gets mad and can probably hurt the significant other. Other things that can happen is when one person wants a relationship but the other person doesnt and what may end up happening is the person who wants nothing to do with it gets forced or stalked. There's also when people get catfished which is when you believe your going out with this certain person over Social Media and then sooner or later you find out that who you that you were with turned out to be the complete opposite.
Thesis Statement
How does social media affect the life of teenagers?
A lot of things that get said on Social Media somehow gets around. Eventually your family get involved into your Social Media sites and they end up knowing what your up to. For some families this can be a good thing but can also create problems. Most of us have siblings and their more than likely to have Social Medias just like you such as Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and so forth. The good thing about this is that they can see what your up to and make sure your safe but then there's a twist to it that makes it bad. You see now a days, the majority of teens post their lives on Social Media and when someone from your family sees EVERYTHING you post they know who your going out with and what you do. Examples of bad things that can happen may be getting in a fight with your sister over a guy on Social Media or your parents finding out you smoke Marijuana .
What would we do without friends ? We have friends to support us, socialize to, take selfies, tweet to, and many more! But does it always last? Are they always 100 with you ? Do they say things that you don't know? Well you see Social Media gives anyone the right to say things or show things and once its out there you can't really take it back. Maybe you get in a fight with your friend and you get mad and decide to tweet something mean about your friend, something embarrassing, and the next day you regret it because you see what you have done to them has made them sad so then you delete it but its too late because the word has already spread. Usually things like this can ruin friendships and also when you have friends that are fake to you. Fake friends are people you belive are your friend and that care for you but really they don't and can end up backstabbing you and use Social Media to expose your feelings and secret. You can't trust anyone but yourself so you always have to be careful with who are your real friends and fake friends ... Choose wisely.
Social Media
Ruining Our Relationships or Is it
, the people, who let this happen ?
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