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Is it climate change, climate variability or just weird weather?

An introduction to climate change science and principles

Karen Raucher

on 24 July 2013

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Transcript of Is it climate change, climate variability or just weird weather?

Thank you for your attention!
Extreme Weather
More frequent, more intense tropical cyclones
More frequent, more prolonged heat wave
More frequent, more intense droughts
For More extreme weather variability information:
So, what does this mean for you utility?
Click the picture for water cycle variability
Thank you for being open to this information. We are interested in your reaction and in your sources of information about climate change. Click here to share with us
Our changing climate and the water cycle
Click below to access the next Prezi in the series:
Survey Questions:
insert link here

Photo credit: Chatham-Kent Public Utilities Commission
Year 1 - Day 360
Year 2 - Day 360
Earth's climate depends upon greenhouse gases (GHGs)
Weird weather
ice ages
temperate times
Historical Boundaries of CO2 Concentrations
To find out more about the difference between weird weather, climate variability and climate change see:
US Global Change Research Program
NOAA Climate portal
Bulletin of the American Meteorological Society State of the Climate report for 2009
What is Weird Weather?
Weather Variability
Climate = Historical Bounds of weather variability
Recent CO2 Concentration & Temperature Measurements
Is it Weird Weather?
Normal variations in climate
Is our climate changing?
Click below for
Introduction & Overview
Weird weather
Climate variability
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