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4 Types of Mass Movement

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james cavanagh

on 24 May 2017

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Transcript of 4 Types of Mass Movement

4 Types of Mass Movement
Mudslides and mudflows are a rapid downhill movement of a mixture of water, rock, and soil. Mudslides and mudflows
Slumps are when a mass of rock and soil suddenly slips down a slope. Slumps often occur when water soaks the base of a mass of soil that is rich in clay.
Landslides are the most destructive kind of mass movement. Landslides occur when rock and soil slide quickly down a steep slope. Many landslides contain only a small amount of rock and soil.
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Creep is the very slow downhill movement of rock and soil. It can even happen on a very gentle slope. Creep is not that noticeable like the hour hand on a clock. you see the effects of a creep on telephone poles, gravestones, and fencepost. Creep often results from freezing and thawing of water in cracked layers of rock beneath the soil
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