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Issues Presentation

An argument for traditional math

Michael Reynolds

on 4 March 2010

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Transcript of Issues Presentation

Integrated vs. Traditional Mathematics Michael Reynolds Integrated Mathematics Math 201
Everyday Mathematics
Chicago Math
Core-Plus Mathematics
Constructive Mathematics
Reform Mathematics What does integrated math involve? Emphasis on multiple solutions
Conceptual Understanding
Grouping similar ideas
student led discovery
Problems with Integrated Mathematics Lack of a "basic understanding"
Specified Methods on Exams
Parental Assistance
Teacher Knowledge Integrated Mathematics in High School Lower ACT, SAT, and math placement scores
Los Angeles-10% difference in scores
Other study in California-2x as many students receiving grades of D and F in Integrated Math programs. LA Study Unidentified High School in CA Michigan State University Study Studied freshmen from Core-Plus Math and compared to traditional students
Core-Plus students placed into remedial courses 2x as often as traditional math students
Lower pass/completion rates and GPA (with the exception of the top 5% of Core-Plus students) Not the solution to our problems America may be falling behind other countries in mathematics, however switching to integrated mathematics may drop us farther behind.
Dropped from Minnesota's State curriculum in 2003 for poor results. Leaving students "at a huge disadvantage in being able to succeed in university-level mathematics."
More revisions needed, better equipped educators Sources http://www.mathematicallycorrect.com/la.htm
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