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5S Presentation

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Cristina Orta

on 11 December 2012

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Transcript of 5S Presentation

Changing the face of Frito Lay - Lethbridge IMPLEMENTING 5S SORT What does 5S lead to?
> Lower costs.
> Better quality.
> Safer workplaces.
> Increased productivity.
> Higher employee satisfaction. A systematic approach to workplace organization, to become more productive. What is 5S? In other words... A way to organize all our stuff so we can save time! Define a location for all required items. SET IN ORDER SHINE Create a consistent way of implementing daily tasks STANDARDIZE Maintain practices that have been established in the first four steps. SUSTAIN Remove all items that are not required to do the job. Red tag all items that don't belong or not sure about. Quarantine all red tagged items. Eliminate all unnecessary or damaged items. Leave only the essentials. "A place for everything, and everything in its place" Every item's location must be clearly identified. Item locations must be as close to where they're used as possible. The only two places a tool can be are in your hand or in its storage location. Clean and inspect all required items. Clean up big messes and dirt. Prevent them from reocurring. A clean area also has good lighting, no chipped paint and and no obstacles on the floor. So, what are the 5 Ss? THE PLAN Use visual standards!
It should be obvious when something is missing or in the wrong place Continue to apply the previous 3 Ss in everyday activities. SORT SET IN ORDER SHINE Establish guidelines on the best way to maintain a work area, which includes:
> Items and quantity required
> Schedules for housekeeping
> Assignment of responsibilities Create a 5S audit form to ensure that we don't go back to bad practices. Perform audits periodically and post results for everyone to see. The key to 5S success is to maintain employee cooperation and enthusiasm. Introduced in Japan in the early 1980s. Created by Toyota to optimize the assembly line. How did it all start?
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