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alena kurets

on 19 March 2013

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Transcript of Volcanoes

By: Alena, Alyssa, Joseph and Joshua Where does the force of a volcano come from?

The Earth's crust is made of huge slabs called plates. When these plates shift they cause friction. The friction causes Volcanic eruption. How can humans protect themselves from the force of a volcano?

The people who are experiencing the eruption from the volcano should immediately evacuate the building(if they are) to a safe place, farther away from the volcano. If the people have any they should put on goggles and masks to protect themselves from the toxins and fumes such as carbon monoxide. This is a video about an expert talking about the volcano eruption in Iceland. What is a volcano?
A volcano is an opening in the earth's crust What kinds of damage does the volcano inflict on the built environment?
The force of the volcano is to strong for the buildings and that causes them to maybe burst into flames or fall apart into pieces.Roads are damaged by the boiling lava and the smoke and gases pollute the air. What is the impact of a volcano on the natural environment? Since volcanic lava contains gases such as carbon monoxide it may harm the cute animals by intoxicating them. Also, the lava could burn all the trees and it will cause all the animals that live there have to go find a new home. Extra Olympus Mons/Mount Olympus and volcanoes on venus Extra Olympus Mons(Mount Olympus) and other volcanoes on other planets Olympus Mons is a volcano on mars. It is the largest volcano in our solar system. Mount Olympus first erupted in between 1 and 2 billion years. Fun facts: Olympus Mons is three times bigger than mount Everest. It is very flat. It was named after a greek god.(Olympus)

Venus is covered with volcanoes and many are young. One volcano is named Sif Mons. No one really knows how much there are, it could be over 1 million! None known that are active right now but there could be some. Some are even dead! Sif Mons Hope you enjoyed our presentation!!!
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