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Step 1 From the start

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on 20 December 2013

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Transcript of Step 1 From the start

Importance of the Water Cycle
The Water Cycle
A process by which the water changes from
liquid to gas
The primary mechanism for transportation the water from the atmosphere to the surface of the earth .
Run Off
Movement of land water to the oceans,chiefly in the form of rivers,lakes,and streams.
the evaporation of the water into the atmosphere from leaves and stems of the plants.
About water
How does water change each day?
Water changes every day by changing its form of matter.For example its gaseous form known as water vapor,its solid form ice, and it's semi-solid form known as snow or sleet,and everyone knows its liquid state of matter
All the water that penetrated the earths surface
The change of water from it's gaseous form into liquid.
Water Cycle
What do we know about the water cycle?
What we know about the water cycle is that it has 6 stages which are condensation, evaporation, groundwater, runoff, precipitation, and transpiration. Also, that the water cycle is crucial to us and our plants. This is because we are 65 percent water and we would dehydrate and die. Also for many other reasons.
What would happen without one
part of the water cycle
If one part was missing from the water cycle the whole
cycle would be destroyed because if one of the stages
was missing the cycle would stop and it would not
rotate the stages.There won't be any air because the
ground would not have any water there for no fertile
soil. We would have to rely on the plants that are
currently alive , but eventually they would
die out because they aren't getting water.
There for no oxygen and too much carbon
dioxide killing us slowly and we will
Do You Think That The Water Cycle Can Start At Any Stage?
Base on our information we think that the water Cycle can start at any stage because it is always circling around.Also because the cycle is infinite and depends on every piece.
Here's some facts about The Water cycle
There is a same amount of water in earth now than there was when the dinosaurs lived.
The vapor from evaporation and condenses to form clouds in the sky and then it returns to Earth by precipitation e.g. snow, sleet, or hail.
In about 20 minutes ,1 thunder storm can send down over 125,000,000 gal. of water
Hi my name is Ricardo, This is Christopher , Jasmine, and Breanah we all work very hard on this, project together of course . Now lets start
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