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gabi mintz

on 15 April 2013

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Characteristics of Commedia Dell'arte Elements of Acting Commedia Dell' arte * Used elements of improv (dialogue)
* Followed well planned Scenarrii (outlines) for
* Incorporated lazzi into their performances
- Lazzi: these were specialties that were performed by each of the actors, they were used to impress the audience and make them laugh (singular form- lazzo) Background: How/When did it start? - 16th Century Italy
- Theatre counter culture
- Traveling troupe (similar to gypsies)
-Didn't modify dialect for audience Content *Primarily focused on three things Influenced today New Terms battacio: battute: slapstick-
carried by Arlecchino Set dialogue between two characters Background: Why did it end? burla: Improvised comedy-bit between the servants, usually involving two actors In everything TELEVISION MOVIES Concetti:
A set character speech
that was memorized,
a monologue LITERATURE IMPROV Zibaldone:
A book with lists of lazzi, set speeches, dialogue, and stock phrases for each character
Each actor had
one of these Performances Today Not many troupes left Comedy lost in translation Comedy became
common I Sebastiani Actors stopped
adapting A new reform
(playwrights, Carlo Goldoni) And of course, there are the stock characters... Three Categories
of Characters "Commedia Dell' arte" A Modern Example: "The Suite Life of Zack & Cody" -Artistic comedy
-Comedy of art
-Comedy of skills
-Comedy of professional artists
-Italian Comedy* The Servants- Zanni
*Live to please their master
*Ruled by one emotion at a time Innamorati:
Bob and Barbara Pantalone: Mr. Moseby Colombina: Maddie & Miss Martin Zanni:A lot of different people, like Arwin, London, Max & Estaban Capitano: Mr. Martin & Lance Arlecchino: Cody Brighella:
Zack Stock Characters You Need To Know Pantalone: "Making your nut" He is a very rich and greedy old man who is obsessed with money and women. He can never seem to catch them because he is gullible and easily tricked. Life on the road Colombina She is one of the servants, most often she is Isabella's servant. She is vain, quick witted, and she never falls in love. She is also the smartest character on stage. She is the female version of Arlecchino. Pantalone is an old Venetian merchant. He is a greedy man who is constantly after women and convinced that he is good at it. He is gullible and frequently fooled.
Pantalone leads with his forehead and has a hunchback and bent knees. He has very fluttery hands, often holds them behind his back.
He always wears red with a black cloak. He always has a money bag. His mask has a long nose, often with bushy facial hair. She stands with a hip crocked to one side, and she has her hands on her hips. She also walks with quick and strong steps. Arlecchino He is one of the servants. He is very poor and is always hungry.Carries a slapstick and always wants to please his master. Her costume usually consists of a cap and an apron. And the colors she wears are usually similar to the colors Arlecchino wears. His costume constists of tight colorful patchwork and he often wears a little black mask with a small nose.

This character is always moving and is very acrobatic. Leads with the knees. Brighella: Innamorati Il Capitano He is a soldier and a warrior who brags about his deeds, but he is just talking big. He is actually a coward and afraid of dangerous situations. Brighella is a servant. He is characterized by his tough, arrogant, and violent personality. Brighella is a womanizer with no morals, constantly in pursuit of food. Brighella is always ready for a fight and ready for trouble.

He is dressed as a servant in white. He wears a green half-mask and always carries a dagger.

Brighella moves as if though he is always ready for a fight. His movement is commonly related to that of big cats (i.e. panthers, lions, etc...) These characters love everything, each other and themselves. They are ruled by this love and don't think of the consequences to their actions. They are over dramatic and not always very bright.

They are adorned in fancier clothes and do not wear masks; however, they do wear make-up.

They lead with they heart (chest) and glide wherever they go, very dramatic. He wears the details of a traditional military uniform. He also always carries a sword with him, but he never draws it. His mask has a long pointy nose. Il Dottore He walks with his chest out, his shoulders square, he march, and stands at attention. Although he appears very smart, he is actually a fool. He never stops talking and is constantly giving bad advice on situations. He doesn't make sense.

Wears black academic wear, with a mask that only covers his nose and forehead.

Moves very slowly and carries his weight in his heels. His large size is a big part of his movement. Their Stage: Commedia troupes, due to their traveling, had to create stages wherever they went.
* Temporary
* Usually just had one or two
backdrops of a market or
road Festivals The Masters- Vecchi
Old and greedy
Very foolish The Lovers- Innamorati
They are the two lovers who love everything. They love each other, they love themselves, and they will do anything to be together The Innamorati These two are the young blind lovers. They often are over dramatic and do foolish things while pursuing love and do not think of the consequences to their actions. Female Innamorati often has names such as Isabella or Valentina, while male Innamorato went by names such as Flavio, Leandro, or Ottavio.

For their costuming they would wear fancy gowns and garb. They are the best dressed of the troupe. They also do not wear masks, but do wear make-up.

Anything these characters do is over dramatic. When they move, they glide across the stage. They also lead with their heart (chest) when they walk. Her costume consists of a cap and an apron, so she is dressed like a ladies maid. The colors she wears are similar to the colors Arlecchino wears. A modern Example: "The suite life of Zack & Cody" Arlecchino:
Cody Brighella:
Zack Columbina:
Maddie & Miss Martin Zanni:
London, Arwin, Max, Esteban Pantalone:
Mr. Moseby Capitano: Mr. Martin Innamorati:
Bob & Barbara Festivals S.H.A.R.D.S. Pulcinella: Pulcinella is an extremely antisocial character. He is usually depicted as a servant but on occasion he is portrayed as a master.

Pulcinella wears white floppy clothes with a big floppy hat. Pulcinella typically carries a stick and can be recognized by his black mask with a hook nose similar to that of a bird's beak.

Pulcinella's name is derived from the Italian word "Pulcino" meaning bird. Pulcinella's movements reflect those of a bird. He is hunched close to the ground and he even squaks on occasion. Examples!
-The Servant of Two Masters
-The Red Hat
- Gone Fishing
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