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on 15 May 2013

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Transcript of Exhibition

Exhibition What is Fashion ? Fashion is a state of Mind
The fashion world is constantly changing by Milja & Angelina The Current Teenagers Fashion Styles Solution 2013 In what way has fashion changed since 60's? What is the History of Fashion Between
60's and 70's? How have the teenagers attitudes towards fashion changed? The evolution of teenagers styles since the 60's It means Self-expression Something that teenagers get influenced by http://weheartit.com/entry/59122964 Not allow too thin top models because they are bad role models for teens
Always on the clothing commercial they are using very thin models in that they should show that the clothes can look good on a bit bigger people as well What is the Most Popular Style? What Effects Does Fashion Have? On 60's-80's teenagers just were wearing what was "in"
Today teenagers mostly worry too much about fashion
Admire a lot of models and other icons Thanks for Listening
and we hope you enjoyed Has a lot of effects on teenagers
When they want to look like their friends
Own personality disappears Teenagers always change their style
They often wear tight jeans or stretchy jeans and tight tops
Fashion is like everything very tight Some of the most popular styles are for Summer long and colorful dresses
Colorful jeans and leather jackets for Fall What is Bulimia? What is Anorexia? How do Bulimia and Anorexia Affect your Body? Bulimia is a serious sickness
You eat much more than you should but afterward you feel stupid when you ate so much and you put your fingers in your throat and puke it out
People for every age can have bulimia Simple Blue top Simple Black jeans 1960's began with crew cuts on men and bouffant hairstyles on women. 1960's teenagers wore mid-tight length shift The sweater-dress was popular with young girls from 1961 Anorexia is when you're barely eating anything
You are getting very thin and you can see the ribs
They see themselves as very fat even though they are very thin What is Our Central Idea? Survey 6 Survey How Busy are
Top-Models Lives Really? Central Idea
LOI 1 - Current fashion styles
LOI 2- 60's fashion+quiz
LOI 3 - Effects on teenagers Table of Contents http://www.guardian.co.uk/lifeandstyle/2010/jul/16/teenage-fashion-style www.tumblr.com forties-fifties-sixties-love.tumblr.com In the 60'S, the miniskirt and the famous very modern shift dress came into fashion. the miniskirt is still in.
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what-is-bulimia.htm> Sources continues It's damaging your inside
You often can not get a child after you have got through anorexia or bulimia hola-arkansas.com tumblr.com How Can the Fashion Change? What are Teens Coolest Fashion Styles In Dresden? there isn't really any new fashion style anymore
The fashion disappears and comes back
Not the cut changes so much but the material - retro-fashion In what ways do changes in style reflect on changes to the body? What do We Think about Fashion Changing? When you change your clothing you sometimes also change your body
It's popular one time to be a bit "bigger" (sign of well-to-do person)
Nowadays people think that skinny is better than a bit bigger - and healthier. 6:45 top-models wake up leave already at 7:30
Every single day a meeting, fashion show, photo shoots
For the whole day after morning they may not get any food rickey.org It's good because it would be boring to wear the same over and over
When you have a lots of things to choose everybody will find what they like
In this season I like how much different colors they are using Is it Good or Bad for Teenagers to Have a Role-Model? bumms.ucoz.com The effects of fashion styles on teenagers With a good role-model teens learns ways to behave nicely
Poor role-model emphasize selfish or negative qualities
So it can good or bad http://www.ehow.com/about_6691666_do-teenagers-need-role-models_.html We interviewed 50 people on the street and the result was We interviewed 50 people on the street and the result was The world of fashion may affect teenagers self-image negatively in Dresden http://www.commonsensemedia.org/videos/girls-and-body-image Video Quiz Quiz Quiz What is the same clothe that we still are using from the 60's? a.) sweater dress
b.) mini-skirts
c.) crew cuts Can you tell from which year this top model is from? 60's 90's
70's Nowadays
80's What is the fashion called that when the cutting stays same but the material is changing? a.) shift
b.) bouffant
c.) Retro a.) good or bad
b.) good
c.) bad Is it good or bad to teenager to have a role model ? Contrast Positive Negative Of Fashion Any Questions teens start admiring models too much
can also get bulimia or anorexia
sometimes also your own personality disappears teens can show personality
can be creative by design clothes Mrs. Kross
Mrs. da Costa
Mr. Riquelme
Mr. Walker
Dr. Lorenz
Mrs. Kirchhoff
Mrs. Henning
Mr. Rene`

For Survey
Special thanks Who helped us make this presentation even better
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