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Compile A Navagation Data Sheet

No description

adrian redfern

on 26 June 2010

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Transcript of Compile A Navagation Data Sheet

Revision Objective Summary Titles and Information Compile a Navigation Data Sheet Test Contents of an NDS Serial
The route you are going to take is broken down into legs and each leg is given a number (Serial)
This is the grid reference you are leaving from To
This is the Grid reference you going to
This is the bearing which you will march on from point to point
This is the total distance that is to be covered in each leg
How long is it going to take between point to point in minutes. GOING
This is where the distance is broken down into individual steps and describes what the ground is like REMARKS
This is where any extra details or features are placed to assist with staying on the correct route,
ie. Stream at 250m
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