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The Mystery Genre

No description

Christian Bar

on 10 June 2014

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Transcript of The Mystery Genre

The Mystery Genre
"Suspense, twists and turns, and intrigue"
History of the Genre
-An older founded genre known to us by Edgar Allan Poe
-Golden age from the 1920s-1930s with famous writers such as Agatha Christie and Dorothy L. Sayers

Agatha Christie
Dorothy L. Sayers
-1940s and 50s saw the rise of hard- boiled detective

-Decline of mysteries came in the 1970s

-The 1980s were hard times for women as they could not publish mystery novels

-Genre geared toward diversity in the 1990s, replenishing the genre
History of the Genre
The Mystery Genre
-Three main elements of the mystery genre:

1) Characters

2) An intriguing plot

3) Suspense
-Must be engaging, interesting and multidimensional
-Protagonist, an adolescent who assumes the role of the young detective
-Antagonist, the villain
-Also must have some minor characters
Main characters in Shelter-Harlan Coben
Intriguing Plot
-Must be addictive
-Should include foreshadowing, red herrings, accretion and an effective mood and tone
-May include secret codes and societies and a step-by-step investigation and solution
Secret Codes used in mysteries
-Gives the story dimensions and layers, making it exciting
-Allows the characters to go through some crazy situations and it gives the reader a thrill
-The setting of the mystery genre is also important and may contain violent storms, a deserted island, an abandoned mine, or a spooky old house
Shelter, Harlan Coben
-Born on January 4, 1962 in Newark New Jersey

-Graduated from Amherst college with a political science major

-Decided to become a writer and began immersing himself in the exploits of sport agent Myron Bolitar, which critics loved
Harlan Coben
-Later came out with the novel
Tell No One
which was the most decorated thriller of 2001

-Quickly became famous after publishing more novels such as
Gone for Good

Harlan Coben
-Won many awards such as the Edgar Award, Shamus Award and Anthony Award

-Has sold over 50 million books in print worldwide in 41 languages

-His books have been #1 best seller in over a dozen countries
Harlan Coben
Anthony Award
Edgar Award
Plot Events
Foreshadowing, something key to plot events is seen through this quote in

"The car started up. We pulled away from the curb. Bat Lady's mouthing got more urgent now, as if she was trying to reach me before I vanished from sight. And as she did, as she mouthed the two words yet again, I thought that maybe I had figured out those two words, the two words that Bat Lady was trying so desperately to tell me: 'Save Ashley'" (Coben 168).
Edgar Allan Poe
This quote demonstrates a character, Mickey Bolitar in the novel
going to all lengths to solve the mystery...

"Yes, I was going to break into this house again. I was going to poke around and search that basement and if I had to climb those stairs and break into Bat Lady's bedroom to get answers, well I would do that too" (165).
Suspense, allowing the character, Mickey to go through some crazy situations, thus giving the reader a thrill is seen in

"The basement door glowed...I stayed still and listened. Now I could hear someone moving down there. I moved closer to the door. There were voices. Two people. Both male. My phone buzzed again. Ema: GET OUT! Part of me wanted to stay...However, the primordial animal looked at that glowing door and sensed danger...I moved back to the front of the house. I turned the knob, opened the door, and ran" (43-44).
In Closing...
-The mystery genre is currently the second most popular genre and has changed and become better thanks to its many amazing authors throughout the years and the genre continues to grow
Thank you!!!
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