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The Aversion Project

No description

Cassidy N Brandon

on 14 October 2014

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Transcript of The Aversion Project

What the Aversion Project is?
The Aversion Project was a "top secret" experiment in which a series of experiments and operations were preformed from 1971-1989 within the South African Army.
The Main Purpose
The experiment was designed to try and forcefully alter the sexual preferences of homosexual men and women to become heterosexual.
An estimated 900 males and female soldiers, were tested on and tortured. Many of these victims were between the age of 16 & 24 years old. Most victims were white males.
Dr. Aubrey Levin
Dr Aubrey Levin was a professor of Clinical Psychiatry at the University of Calgary until March 2010. Dr Levin was first licensed as a Psychiatrist in South Africa with the South African Defense Force. Later on, Levin left South Africa and became licensed in Saskatchewan with the College of Physicians and Surgeons. Though in March of 2010, the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Alberta suspended Dr Levin's license. In July 2012, it was released that 20 men had came forward to make claims that they had been assaulted during counseling sessions with Dr Levin. In October 2012, Levin went to trial, the crown had decided to continue with 9 out of the 21 cases brought forward. Evidence was shown of Dr Levin touching a patient on video footage. In January 2013, Dr Levin was proven guilty of 3 counts of sexual assault against male patients. One Month later, Levin was released on bail, with his license still suspended. On April 18th 2014 Dr Levin was given 48 hours to report for booking to start his 5 year sentence as his conviction was upheld.
Why it was Unethical
The Aversion Project is seen as one of the most unethical psychology practices in North America
What they did
The experiment consisted of many different techniques. Theses techniques were used to "cure" the troops into forced sexuality, included electrical shock therapy, chemical castration, drugs, hormone treatments and brutal sex-change operations performed without consent.
The Aversion Project
By: Brandon & Cassidy
No respect or dignity was given to the patients
No Responsible care of the patients
No consent from the patients, done against their will
Patients were not told what was going to happen
It was a form of abuse
Were not given a choice to withdraw from the experiment.
Some lives were lost
Forced to change their sexuality
How it could have been ethical
The Aversion Project could have been an ethical experiment if it had followed the criteria.
Given the patients an option to leave if the wished
Done it with permission
Told them what was going to happen
Researched homosexuality
Allowed the people to have freedom of their sexuality
No harm should have been forced upon patients
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