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Cataloging and Metadata

No description

Kara Scott

on 11 July 2013

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Transcript of Cataloging and Metadata

From Geology to Joseph Conrad:
approaches to metadata

Kara Scott
The University of Texas at Austin

Unocal Oil Company gift
Trial by Paper Avalanche
- foreign language geological surveys

- proprietary reports

- grey literature

....seeking MARC
Joseph Conrad Letters & a Non-MARC solution
Descriptive Metadata
- Dublin Core
- DCMI Type Vocabulary

Transcriptions & Display
- Text Encoding Initiative
- letters marked up in xml and transformed with xslt

Making Metadata Work for Us
- Visualizations and Mapping
Access & discovery



Linked Data
the way we were
Works best in library setting
learning to love you
Print or digital
Plays well with others
A little more flexible
Putting metadata to work

Connecting related information

Supports access

Sets information "free"
Flexible metadata can be shared with and used by other tools.
Jenn Riley and Devin Becker: Image from the Indiana University Libraries
Riley, Jenn and Devin Becker. (2009). Seeing Standards: A Visualization of the Metadata
Universe. [webpage]. Retrieved from http://www.dlib.indiana.edu/~jenlrile/metadatamap/

Sandhaus, Evan. (2010). Build Your Own Linked Open Data Application. [webpage]. Retrieved
from http://www.dlib.indiana.edu/~jenlrile/metadatamap/
Photo courtesy of Orange County Archives. Image taken from Wikimedia Commons.
Unocal Oil Company Gift
Joseph Conrad Letters Project
- Walter Geology Library

- Print materials

- Require cataloging in AACR2 and RDA

- Serves UT community
- Digital Humanities course and the Harry Ransom Center

- Digitized letters

- No defined metadata standard

- Presented to the Ransom Center
No white gloves needed.
Joseph Conrad Letters Project
At a glance...
Some items require a little more research.
California State Mining Bureau
Who is Stephen Bowers?
Metadata supports...
Joseph Conrad Letters from
the Harry Ransom Center
The Harry Ransom Center, SE Corner. 2011. Image taken from DASE, UT Austin Libraries.
Joseph Conrad, Portrait. n.d., Image taken from DASE, UT Austin Libraries
The Linked Data Universe, subsection. Image taken from data.nytimes.com
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