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My utopia Astra

No description

Rori Sims

on 31 August 2016

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Transcript of My utopia Astra

My utopia Astra
physical description
the temperature will be 70°f and below. it will never get too hot because it is always going to be fall. the utopia will be in the mountains. The structure of the houses will be modern/rustic combined.
what is a utopia?
the rules
the government
the utopia will be a monarchy. the queen would have a little bit of power, but not have much power over the people. the king however; will be in control over everything that goes on in the community, and he is responsible for the well being of the people in the community. if enough of the people disagree with how the king or queen is ruling they will take it up with the committee. the committee then will analyze the complaint, think it through, and then make their decision.
By: Rori Sims
my utopia's rules are very simple to follow. 1) don't stay up past curfew (10:00pm). 2) solve problems verbally. 3) no violence whatsoever. 4) always be honest. 5) Don't mess with wildlife. 6) always go to church, unless you are sick.
a utopia is supposed to be perfect, but always ends up a distopia. the word utopia was created by a man named sir Thomas more in 1516. my utopia's name is astra meaning of the stars.

The People
the people in my utopia will take a series of exams through out their life to see what they are built for in society. They won't be given there own family they will get to choose whom they marry and if they decide to have children. if their test deems them able to be a parent they are allowed.
children will start school at the age of four. they will be put in random classes at first, then once we have seen what their strongest spots are. we will then put them in a group of people with the same skills as the other students at the age of eight. they will learn all the skills they need to have for their special careers that they will have once they grow up to the age of 15. that is when they will start their career.
my utopia, just like many others, will fail because no human nor anything else is perfect. we as people are all flawed therefore; we shall never be peaceful.
You are my Slave
Kill yourself!!
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