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By Vivian Qiu

No description

Vivian Qiu

on 13 August 2016

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Transcript of By Vivian Qiu

JCPenny is a highly respected retailer

First major retail to offer its catalog of merchandise on Facebook

Facebook-based Marketing Channel creates a closer customer bond with the retailer
Distinctive differences between the two platforms

Provide a different shopping context - mght affect how consumers perceive the product and firm

Social networking sites primarily focuses on social rather than commercial

Question 1.

Is the emergence of full-fledged marketing channels on social networks sites by most major retailers inevitable? Why or why not?
Explosive growth of Social Media
Technology advancement
Reduction of cost

Question 2.

Will social media sites be viewed by many manufacturers as a channel to sell their products directly to consumers
Question 3.

Do you think shopping from a firm's online channel embedded in a social networking site is somehow different from shopping on the firm's regular Website? Explain.
Social media provides an excellent platform conduct market research
Able to receive direct customer response of manufacturing product
Efficient direct channel method
Great for marketing promotions
Variance in consumer shopping experience
Direct methods of communication for product release
Social aspects of social media shopping bring with them easy sharing
Two-way communication between customer and firm
Potential for retailer growing power
Customer incentives
Consumer analytics
Explosive growth of Social Media
Technology Advancement
Social networking sites - high-tech communication medium
Younger people already using social networks for shopping
Social networking is beginning to emerge as marketing channels for shopping
Reduction of cost
The increasing popularity, influence, awareness and users of Social Media
Able to reach more audiences
WOM marketing through Social Networking
Promote viral marketing
Social Media Retail
Benefits of social media marketing channels

as a Marketing Channel

Huge opportunities

Simplified processes

Improve customer service

Enhance product development and quality assurance
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