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ISO9001 Document Control

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Darcy Clark

on 16 April 2010

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Transcript of ISO9001 Document Control

ISO9001 Document Control Work Instructions Standard Procedures Process Maps Forms & Records Quality Plan Policies Audit Reports Do you have any of these problems ? Is your quality documentation inaccessible and invisible (e.g. locked in a filing cabinet, computer or server) ? does your quality system "fall apart" or stagnate when your quality manager is away ? are your business units geographically separated and finding it difficult to share documentation ? are you not being notified when important documents are updated or changed ? do you have automated backups in place in case of disaster at your place of work ? How can we help ? Store your organisation's quality system documentation in the Quality Systems Toolbox
and immediately benefit from ...... increased visibility and accessibility to your quality system documents via your web browser integration with our Issue Tracker for easy submission and tracking of document change requests powerful full-text indexing and searching of all compliance documents workflow - documents can be subject to review and approval processes version control - keep track of changes to documents (i.e. who changed what and when) subscription and notification - subscribe to documents to be automatically notified of changes flexible organisation of documentation into folders - one document can reside in multiple folders automated daily backups - in case of disaster, we've got you covered At a minimum, you need to put these
documents under Document Control : Via our network of qualified Quality partners we can optionally set up these required documents in our Document Control module, customised
for your Company or Organisation.
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