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Cat Eye Syndrome

No description

Alexandria Neeley

on 29 September 2014

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Transcript of Cat Eye Syndrome

Are there prenatal tests?
What gene or chromosome is affected?
The chromosome that is affected is is chromosome 22
Getting a prenatal test for cat eye syndrome is very rare.
What are the symptoms?
Another name for cat eye syndrome is Schmid Fraccaro Syndrome.
The symptoms for cat eye syndrome
*wide set eyes
*kidney problems
*mild mental/emotional retardation
Cat Eye Syndrome
What causes cat eye syndrome?
What is another name for cat eye syndrome?
The cause of cat eye syndrome is a genetic defect in chromosome 22. (may be inherited)
What population is affected?
The population that affected is less that 200,000 in the U.S.
How is it inherited?
It is inherited through a sex cell called Gonadal.
What kind of medical assistance will the affected child need?
The only medical assistance the affected child will need is a doctor. There isn't really anything anyone else can do.
Are there any treatments?
Treatment depends on the phenotype of the patient and the severity of symptoms.
Could this disorder have been prevented?
There is not a way it can be prevented. It all has to do with genetics.
Can this individual have children?
Yes the individual can have children and it is not certain that their offspring will develop cat eye syndrome but it is a possibility
What is the current research on cat eye syndrome? Is there a cure coming soon?
Currently, researchers are aiming to examine emotional adjustment, memory, and brain structure.
Alexandria Neeley
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