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Keith Abel

on 16 March 2010

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Transcript of Background

He who controls the past,
controls the future. Marxist Lens 1984
George Orwell 1. What Social Classes are represented in this story? Marxist Lens Main Questions:
1. What social classes are represented?
2. How are the classes divided?
3. Who has the power/money? Who does not? 4. Whose side are we supposed to be on?
5. does the story show capitalism, competition, and materialism as good things or does it criticize them?
6. Does the story suggest in some way the need for the lower classes to unite against oppression? In 1984, there are 3 main classes:
The Inner Proles,
The Outer Party,
The Proles. 2. How are the classe divided? http://www.netcharles.com/orwell/articles/1984-background-info.htm
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