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Chalice - Foundation Don Bosco

No description

on 18 September 2013

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Transcript of Chalice - Foundation Don Bosco

The Sub Sites OLG, UNI& CAP were coordinated by the Sisters of the Good Shepherd for 9 years.
After the visit of MaryAnneMcKynnon (International Manager)
& Karina Bellido (Regional Auditor) the Foundation Don Bosco assumed the three Sub Sites with 1.818 sponsored children. It began on December 12th, 2013
Fr. Sergio Daniel Maciel O. sdb is the current Director.
The Foundation Don Bosco has 1.787 sponsored among children, adolescents and elderly people. The site is distributed into three Sub Sites.
The Sub Sites are carrying out spiritual training to families.
Many young people who have completed their Secondary School are being supported by their sponsors to enter into college and get a job.
In the state where the sub sites are located live many poor people. It is a settlement for families who come from rural areas. These families perceive incomes below the poverty line.
Our sub sites are located in the Eastern part of Paraguay. It is central state with the highest population.
The main challenge is to achieve spiritual growth &social inclusion with appropriate levels of income to meet basic needs.
The Foundation Don Bosco wants to train children and adolescents to become good Christians and honest citizens. For this purpose, it is committed to the comprehensive development of the children and adolescents who live in poverty, so they may someday help their community and society.
The Salesian work is an open mission that seeks to train, promote and develop to children, adolescents and youth in situations of poverty, especially those who seek for educational inclusion, employment and social inclusion. The Foundation Don Bosco strengthens families through this project.
Joy. Optimism. Responsibility. transparency. solidarity.
Health & Nutrition: Support beneficiaries in comprehensive health care and nutrition through specific plans according to the needs.
Education: Promote school participation of all children, adolescents, and youth, encouraging school support actions to reduce dropout rates and increasing substantially the interest of our recipients in their education.
Strengthening Family and Community Development: Accompanying families in their spiritual growth, socioeconomic and environmental health that generate impact in their communities.
Spirituality: Guiding recipients, families and communities towards the life of Christ-centered faith in Salesian Spirituality.
Don Bosco Foundation Site
attends 1.787
children, adolescents and
elderly people distributed
in the following sub sites.
1.253 children
& adolescents (OLG)
407 children
& adolescents (CAP)
127 elderly people (UNI)
Our Site has 23 employes
Executive Director
Executive Manager
Social Worker
Translation & letters
Health & Nutrition
Field workers

The sponsored children and adolescents are attending in more than 100 Primary Schools, 50 National Secondary schools, Universities and other institutions.

Many young people who have completed their Secondary School are being supported by their sponsors to enter into college and get a job.

Accompanying and visiting to families and schools. We started dialogue with public institutions and civil society to strengthen our networking.

Education of children and adolescents is a priority in our site.
Medical Diagnosis for our recipients.
Our goal is providing medical attention to all our recipients and personalized attention to those who need the most.

It has been detected high incidence of respiratory problems, intestinal parasites, skin diseases, anemia, poor hygiene and dental problems.

Our plan is training parents of your recipients.

Milk: 100% of the sponsored receive monthly.
Pastoral care and other Salesians minitries involve recipients and communities.
Holiday camps.
Oratory or Pastoral care.

The benefits provided by the Oñondivepa Project contribute in improving the quality of life of our recipients.
Feast day of
Mary Help & Don Bosco

Special Grants have been allocated to improve quality of life of our recipients. In dialogue with the child, adolescent and parents who received this benefit, some of them decided to improve their house, purchase furniture, appliances, clothes, shoes and other needs.
Human Resources have been restructured in order to provide direct care to our recipients.
Family´s visit and family registration meet their economic status.
Two community meetings have been performed to discuss and plan joint actions with public institutions
Accompanying young people who are in university
‘Come, you who are blessed by my Father; take your inheritance, the kingdom prepared for you since the creation of the world. For I was hungry and you gave me something to eat, I was thirsty and you gave me something to drink, I was a stranger and you invited me in, I needed clothes and you clothed me, I was sick and you looked after me, I was in prison and you came to visit me.’
Matthew 25, 34-36
“Gratitude is the best flower
of the Salesian´s garden”

In prayers
(Don Bosco)
The Foundation Don Bosco has 23 employees
Fabiana Jimenez
Troadio Guerrero
Jesús Cantero
Rene Varela
Antonio Aranda
Fatima Vera
Derlis Miño
Rossana Almada
Catalino Ortiz
Carolina Sosa
Néstor Torales
Juan Carlos Rojas
Manuel Rojas
Maricel Medina
Virginia Rodas
Executive Manager
OLG Vice Coordinator
Social Worker
Safe Guardian
Field Worker
Field Worker
Field Worker
Field Worker
Field Worker
Field Worker
Field Worker
Field Worker
Pastoral Animator
Field Worker
CAP Vice Coordinator
Felicita Moreno
Mirian Almada
Olga Pintos
Graciela Estigarribia
Social Worker
Braulio Torales
Pastoral Animator
Diana Silguero
Pastoral Coordinator
Fr. Mario Jesús Villalba R. sdb Vice Director.
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