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Paparazzi WHY???

No description

Adrian Loomis

on 10 February 2014

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Transcript of Paparazzi WHY???

Paparazzi WHY???
• Do celebrities need the paparazzi?
Yes, because they are the ones that gets there name out to the public and what they have done
• What incentives are at work here for celebrities? For paparazzi?
It helps the celebrities to get there name out and it also helps the paparazzi to make money
• How do the principles of supply and demand apply to the paparazzi situation?
• What could celebrities do to change the situation if they wanted to?
• How do the paparazzi work?
The paparazzi works around celebrities and takes pictures of them and then sells them to magazines.

• How does the U.S. culture impact paparazzi’s actions?
The people are willing to follow celebrities enough to pay for pictures and stories about them.
• Why do the paparazzi hound celebrities?
So they are able to get a good photo for the best buyer for the photo and so they can get higher up in the ladder

• Why would your solution work?
Our solution would work because then the paparazzi is not able to take pictures of the celebrities
• Why do the prices paid for celebrity photos fluctuate?
Because there are different types of pictures some have better quality and are better to make the celebrities look bad or good in some way.

The principles of supply and demand apply to the paparazzi’s situation by if there are special programs or movies going on the paparazzi needs to get the photos for the public
They could probably get a restraining order
or they can make up techniques to avoid the paparazzi

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