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How to 'DO' a prezi

A prezi on how to do prezi presentations

Nica de Koenigswarter

on 15 October 2013

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Transcript of How to 'DO' a prezi

Roots - i.e. sick prezi skills
Phase 1
Cool Stuff
A Prezi on how to 'do' prezis!
Understanding Prezi
Everything you need to know to avoid :
Prezi is an alternative to powerpoint
It uses 1 canvas instead of slides
It allows much more creativity
it 'zoomz'
Careful - may cause dizziness.

Working on presentations together
Presenting offline
Avoiding death by powerpoint
Really 'jazzy' looking presentations!!
1. Make an account
2. Make a new prezi
set up an account
It's free - but beware of privacy
Grads use Bham addresses where possible- Academic accounts are better, and allow you to set prezis to private
Templates use visual metaphors
They are a quicker method of completing a prezi
But are prescriptive in their layouts
Again having an academic account gives you more template options
To move left-right, up-down across your canvas- click and drag
To zoom in and out - scroll

You can click anywhere to create an idea, note or thought
To help focus your work, use frames instead of slides
really important point
more important points
more important points
more important points
vitally important point
Shapes and symbols
In your frames options you have layouts
Tip of the Iceberg
The Real Challenge
Reasons why I like A
Reasons why I like B
'A' rocks - pick A
Phase 2
Download to the location you want to present from, I recommend always downloading to a USB
Make sure you save to the right place
Extract the files and run prezi from saved location whilst still online
You can embed pictures
And youtube videos
Double click to open it
Make sure you save it to the location you want to run your prezi from
Click save!
Click download
Blah blah blah
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