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Introduction to Research

Unit 4 - Research Methods for Sport and Exercise Sciences Week 1 - Session A

Suzanne Galloway

on 16 February 2012

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Transcript of Introduction to Research

Introduction to Research
Complete worksheet 4.1 'Introduction to Reserach' in your
“Research is systematic process of discovery and advancement of human knowledge.”
(Gratton and Jones, 2004)
Activity 1:
Identify which statements refer to Qualitative research and which refer to Quantitative reserach
Activity 2
Determine whether the sets of data show validity,
reliability or both
Activity 3
Look at the targets.
Identify whether they
show good or poor
accuracy and precision.
Explain your answer.
Qualitative or Quantitative
Valid, Reliable or Both?
Accuracy and Precision

Whether you are actually measuring what you planned to measure

The repeatability of a set of results (can be achieved without results being valid)
Internal Validity
Whether the results of the study can be attributed to the different treatments in the study
External Validity

Whether or not the results of the study can be applied to the real world
Face Validity

Whether or not the method you have selected measures what it is supposed to measure
Consruct Validity

Data you have collected agree or correlate with other data
Predictive Validity

Allows your measures to predict future behaviour
Inter Researcher Reliability
Whether different researchers in the same situation would get the same or similar results
Test-Retest Reliability
Whether you would get the same or similar results if you did the same test on a number of different occasions

How close your measurement is to the gold standard or what you are actually intending to measure

How fine or small a difference the measuring device can detect
Good Accuracy
Poor Accuracy
Good Precision
Poor Precision
Good Precision
Poor Accuracy
Good Precision
Good Accuracy
Accuracy &

True or False
can have...

Poor accuracy & poor precision
Good accuracy & poor precision
Poor accuracy & good precision
Good accuracy & good precision
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