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Improving Texas Tech's Dining Bucks Rollover Policy

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emily hamilton

on 1 July 2014

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Transcript of Improving Texas Tech's Dining Bucks Rollover Policy

Why Change Anyway?
The Problem:

With the current Texas Tech policy on Dining Bucks rollover, students living off campus do not have the same privilege as on-campus students.
Ok, Now What?
Our Proposed Solution:

Off campus privileges


On campus privileges
What our Research says:
How will we foster change for this policy?
Contact SGA Student Body Representatives
Who wins and who loses?
Texas Tech University and its students will reap the benefits of changing this policy.

Texas Tech University will not incur any additional costs with this policy change, and could generate more revenue if more students purchase dining plans.

Texas Tech students will no longer lose money from unused dining bucks.
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24 June 2014.

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Tech Hospitality Representative. 23 June 2014. E-mail.

Martino, Ashlyn. “Dining Bucks Rollover Policy.” Survey.
Will Texas Tech Students Support This Change?
93% of students would be more willing to purchase a dining plan if the policy were changed according to our proposal.
Call for Action!
Advocate for off-campus students to have the same privileges with their Dining Bucks as on-campus students.
Improving Texas Tech's Dining Bucks Rollover Policy
Researching Texas Tech Hospitality and our survey of Texas Tech students has allowed us to obtain the following information and tables.

What are students saying about this proposed change?
“I would rather buy meals on my debit card and not take the risk of losing my money. College
students are poor as it is, I don’t think it’s fair they take our money at the end if we don’t have it
all spent. We should get to use it the following semester!”
“It is easier to eat while on campus, however I don't want to spend money on a dining plan that I might not get to completely use. College is expensive enough without losing money due to dining plans.”
“I would be willing to buy dining bucks if I knew there was not going to be a lot of it lost at the end of the spring semester. As it is now, I will not be buying any for next semester.”
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