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KIlling Mr. Griffin by Lois Duncan

No description

Maricarmen Cruz

on 16 July 2013

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Transcript of KIlling Mr. Griffin by Lois Duncan

Killing Mr. Griffin
Lois Duncan

Book Information
At the end , Susan survives the fire caused by Mark at her house. Betsy, Jeff and Dave were reduced to second degree murder and may attend a juvenile facility. Mark will be trialed seperately for the three crimes committed: kiidnapping Mr. Griffin, Dave's grandma's murder, and the attemptive murder on Susan. As for Susan, she will have to testify against the others in court.
Susan McConnell:
An antisocial A student junior that is short, skinny and geeky looking. (Not the prettiest girl.) Has a major crush on David Ruggles. Learns to appreciate her family much more after the whole kidnapping scandal. She is good at staying out of trouble until David asks her to participate in the kidnapping. Is picked by Mark as the "decoy" for the prank since she doesn't have any relations with any of them. Also sees her as "kind of pitiful." She would like to "live all alone in a place where I can read and write and think..."
Mark Kinney:
An "OK" student, control freak, violent, lean, expressionless, gray eyed, not really good looking. Seems superior according to Jeff "the boy had been a good six inches shorter than he, but he walked tall. Jeff had the strange feeling that they were the same height." He's very observant as said so himself, "'I watch people. I notice things.'"Plans the kidnapping plot and is to blame about Dave's grandmother's death as well.
Mr. Brian Griffin:
the strictest teacher at Del Norte High, has a wife that is expecting their first child. 41 years old, tall, has a mustache, uses glasses and behind them are blue eyes. His hard way of teaching is for the students to know discipline and to "'push each one into doing the best work of which he or she is capable.'" Not loved by his students, he's "'the sort of guy you'd like to kill.'"Is kidnapped and end up dead due to a heart attack because he has angina, muscles around the heart clutch up and is painful but is controllable through pills.
Lois Duncan
First published in hardcover in April 1978 by Little, Brown and Company
Has 248 pages filled of suspense, mystery and a tad of thrill
A group of high school students decide to play a prank on the strictest teacher of Del Norte High, Mr. Griffin, but when the plan doesn't go as it should have, things start to fall out of place.
plan was made
kidnapping took place
take Mr. Griffin here to scare him, he dies and is later buried there.
She tells Jeff and Betsy about Mark. Also this is where Mark attempts to kill Susy.
They kidnap Mr. Griffin and take him up to the mountains where they tend to "scare" him.
The ring Dave took from Mr. Griffin is similar to his father's therefore his grandmother has it and is the only thing left to get rid of and all of a sudden she turns up dead and the ring is gone.
Susan finds out a that Mark was the one that killed Dave's grandmother and Mark attempts to kill her by having her tied down and burn her house down.
Susan and David go see Mr. Griffin at the mountain and they notice he is dead. The gang later buries him in that same spot.
Mark, Betsy and Jeff plan the kidnapping of Mr. Griffin and include Dave and Susan in it.
Mr. Grffin is found dead.
Mr. Griffin is pretty harsh towards Jeff, Mark, Dave and Betsy when it comes to turning in a homework assignment.
Mark goes all ballistic and tries to kill Susan once he finds out that she knows he killed Dave's grandmother.

The climax would be when Mr. Griffin turns up dead, triggering the whole story.


They try to solve Mr. Griffin's death by burrying him but things start falling out of place, when a couple finds his empty bottle of pills.

Figurative Language

"Tumbleweeds swept past her like small, furry animals rushing to pile in drifts against the fence..." The tumbleweeds to have been in a hurry but feel smooth.
"Choking on his own fury" This is a metaphor, no one can actually choke on their own fury.
The mood is suspenseful and the tone is insecurity coming from the main character along with the fear she has..
The point of view is third person and it helps by letting the reader know what is going on in each of the characters minds and their actions.
The lesson is to not prank anyone because things may not go according to plan.
The police start investigating the death of Mr. Griffin so the gang starts to hide the evidence.

The story was too predictable.

It was entertaining and in a way there was tension.

The movie Carrie is in a way similar to Killing Mr. Griffin in the way that in both a prank goes wrong. And the characters are similar. Except that a student is the victim instead of a teacher.
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