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My Professional Introduction

Find out a snippet of Willony Barclay

Willony Barclay

on 15 February 2010

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Transcript of My Professional Introduction

My Professional Introduction
By: Willony Barclay
Past Times
Future Aspirations
Who is she?
Greetings! My name is Willony Barclay, I reside in Atlanta, Georgia, and I am a full-time student of Georgia Southern University (Online). I am originally from the State of Florida and I have taught English/Language Arts for four years now.
I enjoy infusing technology with my lessons and units. I want to make English a part of the 21st century classroom subject. I also want the ability to teach courses online and teach at college/university level. In addition, compared to other schools, Georgia Southern University has the best options, opportunities, and my interests at heart. In addition, the entire program is 100% online.
Therefore, I will be able to teach students all over the world while infusing the 21st century classroom environment through the subject area of English/Language Arts and with the aptitude of an Instructional Technology Instructor. If I can teach online courses or infuse businesses to reach, out to local schools and school districts with my knowledge as a representative that would be something in the distant future. If offered the ability to become an Instructional Technology Instructor or Instructor of the College of Education Professor (Online, too), would be great, too! Along with becoming online teaching endorsed.
(and some of my Hobbies) are
•Writing short stories and poetry
•Computer Games (from Sims 3 to Flo on the Go)
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