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The Future of Social Networking & Social Norms

Social Networking Conference 2010, Makati, Metro Manila, Philippines

Paul Papadimitriou

on 22 April 2010

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Transcript of The Future of Social Networking & Social Norms

@papadimitriou papa dimitri ou Paul Papadimitriou Driving Left Digital Intelligence I do stuff online... paulpapadimitriou.com Tokyo Geneva Limassol That's in Cyprus Consultancy Market research The Future of Social Networking & Social Norms Can Paul read into the future? Manila, too! ? Location New Social Norms #1 market for social networking! #1 watching videos online #1 uploading videos online >90% SNS reach 41m online in '14 Novelty Ubiquity did you feel in control? which button did you press on? what happened? There will be more we won't be fast enough That's so cool! Relevant! Tweets Tweets Tweets I have so many friends I say whatever I want Let's share what you want to share Simple! left without your wallet this morning? left without your phone this morning? your phone becomes your idendity and you share a lot more on it, as with a confident Mobile! I didn't get that one :-( yet ;-) Fun! I'd prefer an Aston Martin... Relevant! I cannot predict the future, but... you can tell mine! Predictive! Relev Contextual! you can do it! too bad I got that on the way out of SXSW... I don't have that one :-( yet ;-) Where's my Aston Martin? Facebook Google Buzz >60% email is personal Who tweets? Fuel? you your information data persona we want to build relationships we want to share what was private by default becomes public by default we need to feel in control in order to open up more Real time! social networks >90% reach spent a staggering 332
minutes on SNS in Feb you deserve an award! more?? Who's on Facebook? Who has her/his profile public? Who's using Google Buzz? facebook.com/paulpapadimitriou LeWeb '09 SXSWi '10 Chirp Who checked in on Foursquare? (LBS) Game mechanics Haiti catastrophy Iran elections China earthquake Iceland volcano ashes iPhone 4G revealed Meralco burnouts updates US Airways water landing Michael Jackson dies Who's that @papadimitriou? I just became the mayor of Market Market new

privacy you? opted out? Foursquare stalking? Unvarnished yelp for people we're humans Really? people come before technology
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