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Activity 1- All about me

No description

Romelyn Precilla

on 24 September 2016

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Transcript of Activity 1- All about me

Activity 1- All about me
Romelyn Precilla
Exploration of IDM
M. Alibudbud

My Family and Friends
I have a family of 5
One brother and one sister
I have two parents who are happily married
I have multiple different friends from different schools
My Favourite Things
-My favourite colours are black and red
-My favourite sport is volleyball
-I like spending time with my friends on my free time
-My phone
-My favourite animals are dogs and lions

Where I went last year
I came from école Lansdowne
I went to school there for 10 years

Who I am
My name is Romelyn P.
I'm 14 years old
I'm in grade 9

Not so Favourite things
-I dont really like math
-I dont like having arguments with close friends
-I dont like when my family yells at me for nothing
My hobbies and Interests
-One of my hobbies are calligraphy
-Penny Boarding
-Playing Volleyball

Places I've Been
-Toronto -Vancouver
-Minneapolis -Rushing River
-Kenora -Victoria Island
-Montreal -Quebec
-Grand Forks -Fargo
-Morden -Philippines
-Calgary -Korea
-New York
Goals for Highschool
Goals after Highschool
-Go to University
-Become a lawyer
-Continue to play volleyball
-Be able to support my family
What makes me who I am
-My friends
-My family
-My life style
-My personality

-Graduate on time
-Get an 80+ average
-Get onto a sports team
-Have fun
-Meet new people
-Work hard for what I want
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