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The Beatles

No description

Amélie Khamphanh

on 28 February 2015

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Transcript of The Beatles

The Beatles :
The Fab Four

1957 : John Lennon and Paul McCartney formed the band The Quarry Men.
1958 : George Harrison joined them.
1960 : The drummer Pete Best joined the band. The name of the group changed to Johnny and The Moondogs which rapidly became The Beatles.
1961 : The Beatles met their first manager, Brian Epstein in the " The Cavern Club". He's the one who designed their clothing style.
1962 : Pete Best left the group and was replaced by Ringo Starr. After this, the same year, The Beatles met the producer, Georges Martin known by the fans of the band as the fifth member of The Beatles, and signed with his label the Parlophone.
1967 : Brian Epstein died.
People who influenced The Beatles the most
Arthur Alexander was one who influence The Beatles with his rhythm and blues music.

The members
The name "The Beatles" is a wordplay, it comes from a band called The Criquets and a movie named The Wild One talking about beetles ( " scarabé" in French ) and the word "beat" ( " le rythme" in French). This band is the most famous group in the world. Their discography is very rich and full of timeless hits songs like "Let it Be", " Help"...
The Beatles were, are and will always be legends. It doesn’t matter how old you are or what kind of music you listen to, The Beatles are a reference to all artists whether they’re rappers or members of rock bands. We all know their songs through our parents, advertisements or other artists. Their commitment, music and style still have an impact on societies all over the world.
John Lennon
Paul McCartney
( 1942 - now)
Georges Harrison
Ringo Starr
(1940- now)
Creation of the band
The Quarry Men
The impact of The Beatles
on music
Nowadays, The Beatles is considered as a reference. They inspire artists from all kinds of music, not only rock but also hip-hop. They defined a blue print that all rock bands of our century follow (two guitars, bass and drums).
The Gray Album featuring Jay Z and The Beatles.
The Beatles
Artic Monkeys
There had also Elvis Presley, Chuck Berry his voices, tunes, styles, rhythms, instrumental formations and appeals impressed the band.
The Beatles' influence on fashion
The Beatles weren't only artists, they were also trendsetters who imposed fashions. Nowadays, these fashions are still relevant. Here are the most famous trends that The Beatles made fashionable :
The most famous songs of The Beatles
1-Come Together
2-Here comes the sun
3-Let it be
5- Something
6-Help !
7-Eleanor Rigby
8- Hey Jude
9- Yellow Submarine
10-Lucy in the sky with diamonds
Their haircut : the mop top.
Wet mop
John Lennon's tearshade glasses.
Collarless jacket
Cuban heeld boots which will be called "Beatles boots".
Style of music and musical evolution
End of
, the Quarrymen were a skiffle band.

Rock and Roll
: addition
of elements
of classical music.
Example : " Yesterday"

Psychedelic rock
Example : " Rain"
Indian Music
Exemple : Within you
without you

Within you
without you
The reason why we remember them as a pop rock band is because even if they tried many different genres of music, they’ve never forgotten their roots and always tried to improve their know-how in rock and pop.
Beatles's homage :
Their debut
First appearance on TV for the Quarrymen in 1959 in Liverpool.
To celebrate the 50th anniversary of the group, a special concert was organiezed in 2014 where reputed artists sang The Beatles' songs. There are books who talk about the Beatles' life and the musical serie Glee dedicated 2 episodes to the band.
The Beatles preparing to perform in Hamburg (in Germany), in 1961. This live made them famous in Europe.
1st appearance on the
American television
in 1963.
1st live in the USA on the Ed Sullivan show in 1964 and beginning of the
"British Invasion".
Lucy O'Donnell was the person who inspired the Beatles for the song "Lucy in the sky with diamonds". The story is about John Lennon's son, Julian, who was in the same class as a girl called Lucy. In 1966, he showed his painting to his father and he said " it's Lucy in the sky with diamonds".
Lucy O'Donnell ( 1963-2009) died because of a lupus. She was 46 years old.
The beatlemania is a word that appeared in the 1960s, it referred to the incredible fondness of the fans of The Beatles regarding this band. It’s a portmanteau word between the word Beatle and mania. It lasted until 1967.
Their commitment
Options of reactions during a Beatles concert
1. scream
A fan carried off by the police.
2. faint
derivative product
End of The Beatles
Due to their recurrent disagreements, disputes and disharmony, the band split in 1970.
The Beatles performing " Don't Let Me Down" at The Beatles Rooftop concert : their last public performance in 1969.
The same year, the members did their last recording session with "Let It Be".
The band officially announced their breakup in April 1970, a month before their last album Let It Be was released.
We are more popular than Jesus.
In 1971, George Harrison organized a charity concert " for Bangladesh ", it assembled many rock stars like Eric Clapton, Bob Dylan, Ravi Shankar and Ringo Starr.
Paul McCartney participated in a charity called " 999 club" organized by J.K. Rowling in order to help the homeless.
Book sold in the "999 club"
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