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"Most new technologies have their dangers and many are worth

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Nusaibah Mohsin

on 5 January 2014

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Transcript of "Most new technologies have their dangers and many are worth

The dangers of microwaves are as follows:
Unhealthy and unnatural
Heat waves are a cause of cancer; they either:
decrease ability to fight cancer
increase the rate of cancer cell formation
increase rate of stomach or intestinal cancers
Microwaved milk is unsafe for babies
Microwaved blood can kill the patient (like, in hospitals)
Makes us lazy (unless you like being lazy. then its not a bad thing)
Why its worth doing
The reasons microwaves are worth it are very few because they don't really do anything other than heat our food (and give us cancer, but whatever apparently it's worth it)
It heats our food (as stated before)
Gives us time to get other food ready as the microwave heats
That's pretty much it.
Smart Phones
Technologies and their Dangers
Why its worth doing
What we can conclude from the information stated is that some types technology is good for you, despite the dangers involved (such as the beloved smart phone) but others aren't as good for you no matter how many times it helps you or warms your food (*ahem* microwaves *ahem*). Other than that technology can be used in dangerous ways or for good. It depends on the person using it... except for microwaves because those are bad no matter who uses it.
Technology can have both good and bad effects on people. Some bad effects are:
lack of social skills
depression and stress
poor sleep habits
increased bullying
short attention span
lack of empathy
Neurosis developmental issues in children
lack of social boundaries
"Most technologies have their dangers and many are worth doing despite that
There are many dangers to smart phones specially with younger children, such as:
Wasting time. People become addicted to the new apps and features of a smart phone and waste a lot of time for example a kid might forget to do all of her homework because she was on the phone all day.
Internet use: There are many things on the internet these days that can be dangerous for children. For example, the ads that pop up when watching a move on a foreign website.
Dropping of Grades/Not giving attention: Smart Phones take up so much of your time that you forget all about homework or your kids. This is dangerous becaus ekids might start feeling neglected and start doing ridiculous stunts to get their parents attention.
There are also positive attributes to the smart phone that give reason to why its worth doing, such as:
Social Life: Parents and kids can keep contact with each other easily when in different places.
Weather: You can check the weather on a smart phone any where you are.
Time: The smart phone tells time.
Business: There are also ways to do conferences over video on the smart phone.

*cue the cheering and applause*
Nusaibah Mohsin (thank you *bow* thank you)
Hale (no really you shouldn't ha- Oh, well then, thank you *wave* thank you *wave*)
Ayesha Mohammad (Ayshu) (Why THANK you, *giggle* thank you peasants *giggle again*)
Fatima Joya (Oh i Know, I know, I deserve it, yes yes, I know)
Sarah Sayyada (Thank you, I know, I know, Thank you, no thank
The dangers of video games:
Attention: Video games can take up a child's attention so much they might not even hear when someone is calling them
Aggressiveness: There are many video games that include shooting and fighting and this might make a child aggressive as well.
Addictiveness: Kids can get addicted and all they'll ever think about will be video games. Like they're still in the video game world while in the real world.
Video Games
Why it's worth doing
There's really no reason it's worth doing other than:
Distracting younger kids (children or siblings) so you can do something for a couple hours
Having something to do during your free time.
Social Skills: Having a way to connect with friends through games, such as X box
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