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The art of photographic make up unit 220

No description

Becki Bork

on 27 January 2017

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Transcript of The art of photographic make up unit 220

The Art Of Photograpic Make Up-Unit 220
The aim of this unit is to introduce the learner to research how to create and achieve a make-up
suitable for a photographic image. They will extend their knowledge of specialist make-up
techniques, and develop their creative and innovative skills; through preparing and implementing a
mood board.
Ageing of the skin

• Skin becomes dry as sebaceous and sudoriferous glands become less active

• Skin loses its elasticity; elastin fibres harden and wrinkles appear

• Epidermis grows more slowly and skin appears thinner and transparent

• Broken capillaries are evident on cheek and nose area

• Muscle tone reduces; contours become slack

• Bone structure suffers shrinkage and appears more obvious due to thinning of fatty and supportive layers

• Circulation slows down; fewer nutrients to the skin

• Decrease in metabolic rate; puffiness due to waste products not being removed as effectively

• Increased pigmentation; lentigines and chloasma

• May also have:
o sebaceous warts, skin tags
o hair growth; upper lip and chin which is dark and coarse (female clients)
o dark circles and puffiness around eyes

Make-up artists work with photographers, who generally have preferred styles of working. It is up to the make up artisit to adapt to the way the photographer uses lights. In general, the stronger the light, the more it bleaches out the make up
the lights in photography draw attention to any shine, so you must always use matt colours with no glitter or shine in the pigment.
What is photographic make up?
so.....What will your theme be ??
you need to learn the effects of ageing
Factors to consider when carrying out a photographic makeup application:
Any problems with the design must be identified as early as possible to allow modifications or to find alternative solutions
Schedule changes
Model showing up with bad skin
Model showing up late
Four hours is the average time to prepare for a fashion show.
Mood Boards are a range of images that are put together as a visual guide by the makeup artist. It must used to reflect themes using a range of original ideas.
Your mood board will help you with the development of your design. The head makeup artist will spend up to several weeks designing mood boards. The style of production will be reached by doing the proper research:
The Internet
Sunlight- UV exposure is the major cause of pigmentation, texture changes, blood vessel changes and moles.
Smoking- is a main cause of wrinkles, especially around the mouth. It can increase the time it takes to recover from wounds, and stain the skin
Air pollution- Dust can clog pores and increase bacteria on the skin. It can interfere with your skins natural protection system, breaking down the natural oils that normally trap moisture in your skin to keep it supple.
can you think off any more factors ?
think about the skin !
To complete this unit you must :

Complete 2 pre observations (Black and white / editorial )
Complete 1 Final - Advent Guarde

all treatments must have a mood board / face chart/treatment plan and photo

Advanced contouring
Photographic work for a makeup artist interested in this are would be:
Fashion show work
Test shoots for film and Television
Portfolio work

and many many more

Differences from normal make up application
photographic make-up ?
Mood boards - what should be on them ?
Have you ever looked at your favorite celebrities and wondered how they’re skin always looks picture perfect? Stars like J-Lo or Kim Kardashian seem to always have insanely high cheekbones, defined noses… and seemingly flawless complexions. The secret is contouring.

Practical :
Cream Contouring
Defined brows

What did you learn in your last lesson in unit 220 ?

Two Tone Lips
watch the demonstration
Q1)what did you learn last session
Q2) what did you find difficult and why

Avant-garde makeup can range from the bizarre to the beautiful, but it is always entertaining to see what a makeup artist will create. Because these looks are more likely to be seen on a runway or in the pages of a magazine than frequenting the city streets, there’s a certain element of fantasy that surrounds these looks
what is Advant Garde make up ?
Alex’s accomplishments…
•Make-up shoots in titles such as Vogue, I-D, Dazed and Confused, Another Magazine, Stylist, Numero and V Magazine.
•Celebrity clients have included Lady Gaga, Azealia Banks, Robyn, Rosie Huntington-Whitely, Courtney Love, Sienna Miller, Naomi Campbell, Kate Moss, Eva Herzigova and Claudia Schiffer.
•Awarded Doctor of Design by Southampton Solent University in 2011.
•Make-up Director for fashion weeks in London, New York and Paris for designers which include Gareth Pugh, Karl Lagerfield, Stella McCartney, Alexander McQueen, Vivienne Westwood and Chanel.

Alex Box Inspired Look
This is your task !!
To re-create this look
use I pads- A link for this has been placed onto it learning under unit 220

Task - complete this look using Contouring techniques for the last session.
Use Cake eyeliner to create the look and add a slick hair design

use your visuals and the step by step tutorial
Get a great look for your file

Re- cap
Question :
What did you learn in your last session ?

Challenge Question :
What did you find difficult and how could you improve ?
Editorial Make Up
Portrait (editorial) and advertising
This area of fashion includes all magazine art ‘print work’ and is high profile for the makeup artist, but not as well paid as the other areas. Most makeup artists compete for editorial because it enhances their reputation and they get a tear sheet for their book. It puts them in the public eye and can lead to other opportunities.
Some fashion makeup artists have become personal makeup artists on feature films through making up leading film actors on editorial jobs. The actor will request that person (through their agent) and the film company agrees if the actor has enough clout.

Think ?
Why is editorial make up a great opportunity for a make up artist ?
Using an application upload your work onto a magazine cover
Then upload your work to the show and tell page on its learning
App Suggestions
Black and White !
Photo Editing
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