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Bitopia - Demo

Zoom it

Yanko Slavov

on 29 April 2013

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Transcript of Bitopia - Demo

BITopia Tickets Contestants High level architecture PHP 5
Laravel framework (MVC)
Twitter Bootstrap Our team Yanko Slavov
Sunil Khutan
Mario Friz
Jonathan Menzies
Martin Petrov
Medet Azhimbayev Tickets & events calendar
Buy tickets
Check tickets reports Contestants dashboard
Contestants schedule
Free tickets Sportify Sports events management system Wattball Create a tournament
Register for a tournament
Schedule a tournament
Enter results Hurdling Schedule a tournament (Classic, Best-half)
Enter results
Final results Extra features Contestants dashboard
Own goals (Wattball)
Hurdling schedule (Classic & Best half)
Editable centre information Coming up Additional sports can be added if requested Thank you for listening Any questions? Evaluation So how did we feel about the end result as a whole? Software Design Process SCRUM Used Trello to plan sprints Assigned priorities to tasks Regular meetings
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