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Archetypical Film Analysis on Finding Nemo

No description

Marissa Wong

on 30 September 2014

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Transcript of Archetypical Film Analysis on Finding Nemo

Hermes Archetype
Archetypical Film Analysis

Persephone Archetype
Hades Archetype
Osiris Archetype
Has a strong spiritual belief system to pull him through tough times.
He has an inner strength that never dies.
Sometimes doubts himself.
Wants to do things his way.
Tells people the truth even when its harsh
Marlin and Nemo do not always see eye to eye, he only wants to do things his own way. When Nemo gets captured, Marlin does anything in his power to find Nemo and will not stop until he brings Nemo home. Marlin at times tells Dory the truth even when it is harsh.
Marlin's Role
Marlin is shown as the lover archetype throughout the movie. He is shown as the "home base" or security. Marlin is the exact opposite of Nemo, he is not as adventurous as Nemo, which brings balance. Marlin is also very controlling over Nemo, showing his love for him.
She switches interests often.
Does not have plans for the future.
Can help people through trauma.
Always sees things on the positive side and is optimistic.
May not understand the consequences of her actions.
In the movie, Dory is very forgetful because she has short-term memory loss. After meeting Marlin and introducing herself for the first time, she again introduces herself because she had already forgotten. She does not plan for the future, she acts in the moment. Trying to help, Dory leads herself and Marlin to what she thinks is a short-cut, but turns out to be a school of jelly fish. She is always trying to help Marlin through his troubles and trauma. After trying to help Marlin with directions by "speaking whale," they end up in the mouth of a whale. Even though situations may result with consequences, Dory always looks on the bright side of things.
Dory's Role
Dory is shown as the jester archetype throughout the movie. Although she means well, Dory is always causing trouble for Marlin by mistake. During Marlin's journey to get Nemo back, Dory always manages to interfere with his plans a gets then in troubling situations.
He is adventurous and easygoing
Can go on adventures alone.
Has a strong imagination and good ideas.
Takes risks because he feels that he is invincible.
Hates being told what to do.
In the movie,
Finding Nemo
, we learn very quickly that Nemo does not like being told what to do. He is very adventurous, and does not mind venturing out alone. He takes risks like going out to touch the boat alone because he feels he is invincible.
Prefers to be left alone most of the time.
Has a rich inner life.
Psychically sensitive.
Philosophical and highly intelligent.
Does not play games or get involved in others drama.
Unexpressive and able to withdraw easily.
Afraid of his emotions and seems devoid of feeling.
He is antisocial
Gill has had one dream; to escape the tank. He had tried to escape multiple times before, but his action resulted in him landing on a dental table and getting hurt. He had been in the tank for a long time and had learned many lessons from his actions which makes him philosophical and highly intelligent. The trauma he has suffered has made him unexpressive and pessimistic.
Gills Role
Gill is shown as the Magi. He is the all knowing wise man and likes to be left alone most of the time. Gill has the power to help Nemo escape through the filter, but he feels it is better to let Nemo figure it out himself. He feels that Nemo can learn from his mistakes just as he learned from his own.
Zeus Archetype
He has to be in control of others.
Needs a group to rule over.
Strongest man to lean on.
Is skilled at forming alliances.
Always needs to be in control of others.
Enjoys instilling fear in others.
Bruce is a Character in this movie that has two other sharks that always follow him around, named Chum and Anchor. Bruce likes to have a group around him that he can have control over. He is great at forming alliances, as he did with Nemo and Dory. Bruce uses scaring as an advantage by using fear as a form of control over Nemo and Dory.
Bruce's Role
Bruce is shown as the Joker throughout the movie. He appears in the movie when Marlin and Dory on their journey to find Nemo. Bruce wastes Marlin and Dory's time by keeping them for their shark meeting. He is the troublemaker because he causes chaos when he smells Dory's blood after getting hit by the goggles. He tends to be boisterous, obnoxious, and loud at times because he wants power and control.
Ordinary World
Marlin is at home with his wife in their sea anemone with their eggs that are soon to hatch.
Call to Adventure
Refusal of the Call
Meet the Mentor
Crossing the Threshold
Tests, Allies, Enemies
Approach the Inmost Cave
Road back home
Return with Elixer
Marlin must rescue Nemo after he ventures out to the "butt."
Marlin is afraid to rescue Nemo because he is afraid of the open sea.
Marlin meets Dory who teaches him to overcome his fears to rescue Nemo.
He swims after the boat that Nemo was captured by and even goes into the open water.
Tests- Marlin and Dory almost get eaten by Bruce, Chum, and Anchor.
Allies- They meet the Pelican that brings them to Nemo.
Enemies- Marlin and Dory see who has Nemo.
Marlin believes Nemo is dead after the niece of the dentist appears to have shaken Nemo to death and he gets flushed. Later Dory finds that Nemo is alive.
Marlin and Dory get stuck in a school of jelly fish and almost die after being stung. With the help of the turtle Crush, they make it through the currents.
After thinking that Nemo was dead, Marlin was surprised to see that Dory had found Nemo and brought him back to him.
Nemo, Marlin, and Dory are heading home with a school of fish when they are caught in a net. Nemo and Marlin escape, but no Dory.
Nemo wants to save Dory, but Marlin is to afraid to let him go again. Marlin learns that he must trust Nemo.
Marlin brings Nemo home. After everything, they live without fear and a happier life
Finding Nemo
Hero's Journey
The makers of this movie did a great job with the heroes journey, they even included more tests for the hero than normal. The archetypes provides a stronger and more relatable story for its viewers.
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