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Twenty One Pilots

No description

Olivia Clough

on 9 December 2015

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Transcript of Twenty One Pilots

Tyler Joseph- Zack Joseph (Brother and Singer) Jay Joseph (Brother) Madison (Sister) Kelly Joseph (Mom, Basketball Coach) Chris Joseph (Dad, Basketball Coach)
Josh Dun- Abigail Dun (Sister) Ashley (Sister) Jordan (Brother) Parents Unknown
Josh and Tyler have had radio interviews about their personal life, which includes their love for cats. As Josh states, "I'm a cat person" and "Don't listen to Tyler."
Hobbies & Interests
The two of them have an unbreakable bond, which includes doing many of their hobbies together, but when it comes to just themselves, they can have many different options. Other then making amazing music, Josh enjoys dying his hair and harmonizing
Stressed Out
lyrics with Tyler. And the amazing Tyler enjoys pausing Fall Out Boy reviews.
Fun Facts
No. 1: They enjoy Chipotle a lot.
No. 2: They enjoy video games such as Super Smash Bros, Frogger, Bomberman, Donkey Kong Country 1, 2, & 3, Lester the Unlikey, WCW vs. NWO, etc.
No. 3: Josh practices rapping every night to get it right for concerts
No. 4: Tyler is married to Jenna Black since March 2015.
In 2013, Twenty One Pilots was nominated for the MTV Europe Music Awards for Best Push Act. Their song Holding Onto You was also nominated in the MTV Europe Music Awards for Artist to Watch. In 2014, the band was nominated for AP Music Awards for Best Live Band and Breakthrough Band. Their album
was nominated for Album of the Year as well. Josh Dun, the newest member, was also nominated for Best Drummer. Finally, in 2015, Twenty One Pilots was nominated tumblr Fandom of the Year, Best Live Band, and Most Dedicated Fans at the AP Music Awards. Their song
Tear in My Heart
was nominated for Choice Rock Song at the Teen Choice Awards.
Twenty One Pilots
History Of the Band
The band Twenty One Pilots was put together in 2009 by college friends Chris Salih, Nick Thomas, and Tyler Joseph. They came up with there name while studying
All My Sons
, a book about WW2 where a man has to decide what's best for his family after causing the death of 'twenty one pilots'. Their fame came from releasing two unreleased tracks to their SoundCloud account. In 2011, Chris and Nick left to busy schedules, and Tyler was joined by Josh Dun, former live drummer for House of Heroes.
By: Olivia Clough
Why I Love Twenty One Pilots
I enjoy the band Twenty One Pilots because their music is amazing. The style they choose the interests me, as well as their lyrics. The lyrics to every song are so meaningful they just give you a reason to hold on when you're going through a rough time and you need music to help you. Other then their music, the people who sing those songs are extremely funny and relateable.
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