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Argumentative Paper

No description

Justin McCormack

on 23 March 2015

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Transcript of Argumentative Paper

Argumentative Paper
Do you have an overall explanation of the topic and the background information needed?
Step Two - Outline
It is important to organize relevant information, statistics, and quotations by their place in your paper rather than by their source.
I. Introduction
A. Opening
B. General Information
C. Thesis
II. Section 1 (Your side of the argument)
A. Background Information
B. Major arguments supported with evidence.
III. Section 2 (Refuting the opposition's argument)
IV. Conclusion
A. Rewording (not restating) Thesis
B. Summary sentence for every major point made.
C. Creative sentence that provides closure.
Due Dates
Thesis - Tomorrow
Outline - Wednesday
Step One
Based on the opinions and research you have encountered over the past few weeks, what is the viewpoint you will express in your paper? This should not include personal pronouns, and this should hint at the evidence you plan to use.
Sample Thesis
As evidenced through the recent rash of adolescent suicides, the scourge of publicly-shared acts of violence, and the accesibilty provided to criminals and pedophiles, it is abundantly clear that while social media has provided society with new forms of interpersonal connections never before imagined, the overall effect of this new avenue of communication has been more harmful than helpful.
II. Argument Against Social Media
A. CyberBullying
1. Topic Sentence for this Paragraph
2. Any relevant research (quotes, stats, facts, etc.)
3. Tie back to thesis and transition to next argument.
B. Publicly Shared Violence
C. Crime and Pedophelia
D. Academic Dishonesty
Do you have both sides of the argument represented (not equally).
Are your sources trustworthy?
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