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Love during the English Renaissance

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on 9 October 2014

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Transcript of Love during the English Renaissance

Love and Marriage during the English Renaissance
Evolution of Poetry
Throughout the middle ages, an evolution of poetry took place in Western Europe.
A more personal developed, and poems clearly showed themselves as a way for the poet to reveal his feelings to the one he loved.
Ideal Woman
Act as if her males relatives have property rights in her and to facilitate the transfer of property between men.
The women in which today would be considered fat, were prized for yheir God-given bodies.
Males' Way of Showing Love
The most common way during this period for men to show their love towards a women was to write about them in their poems.
Why Marry?
It was considered foolish to marry someone for love.
Parents, relatives, and friends were usually the ones that found your partner or suggested them. Since they were older, they believed they had more knowledge and experience to find the perfect one to benefit the person.
Children: property of their parents, give them the respect a servant gives his master.
Wives: property of their husbands.
Widows: entitled of 1/3 of husband's estates; can own property and run their own businesses.
Men: every man wants to marry, or at least acknowledges that he should.
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