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No description

on 5 March 2015

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Transcript of AIRBNB

A San Francisco based rent sharing company, based on "sharing economy"
Founded in 2008
It has over 800,000 listings in 33,000 cities and 192 countries
Company profile
Revenue and growth
Going Public
Why invest in AirBnB ?
Houraye DIEYE
Danique SCIPIO
Ivo Antonio DUTRA

Mr. Damien DE GUISE

Airbnb raised USD 450 million in the latest round of funding, valuing the company at $10 bn.
. Airbnb has revolutionized the way we think about travel.

. Their skyrocket success will probably make them the next IPO in 2015 - 2016

. Airbnb's business is very attractive, they don't have any of the major capital costs that a normal hotel chain has.

. They can grow thanks to the fact people want to become hosts and stay at Airbnb.

. Their business model is based on the "sharing economy" concept.
Would you invest in
. AirBnB was highlighted by venture capital database CB Insights as a potential IPO candidate for 2015.

. Airbnb rumored valuation is $13 billion and makes it worth more than well-known hotel chains like Wyndham (WYN), Holiday Inn owner InterContinental Hotels (IHG) and Hyatt (H)
. AirBnB's success is the result of the implementation of a new trend on the way we consume : "sharing economy".

. "We're shifting from an ownership society to a sharing economy".

. This trend has many chances to gain strength through the coming years. So, AirBnB has certainly a bright future ahead.

. "Going public" AirBnB will be able to become bigger and bring even more innovation to this market.
$8.4 Billion
$9.3 Billion
$10.0 Billion
The role of Paris
. Airbnb named Paris global capital of rental between individuals

. Airbnb cofounder and CEO Brian Chesky was in the French capital to discuss about visitor tax and furnished rentals.

. When on holiday, many Parisians rent their homes out to travelers from across the world.
1.8 million
number of tourists who came to Paris since the creation of Airbnb in 2008.
. In accordance with the 2015 Finance Bill and the vote of by the Paris Council, Airbnb will now collect the tourist tax on behalf of its Parisian host users.

. The American company has committed to facilitate the collection of this tax.

. New regulations will also be applied to those furnished apartments which are used only for renting. The Government is trying to find a balance between housing available to all Parisians and welcoming tourists in "Airbnb style".
Bruno Julliard (First Deputy Mayor and Brian Chesky (Ceo of Airbnb) at Paris Hôtel de Ville on the 26th Feb 2015.
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