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A Case Study Analysis of Ashley Payne

No description

Minnie Nielsen

on 27 October 2014

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Transcript of A Case Study Analysis of Ashley Payne

Always be mindful of what you post; never post anything you wouldn't write on your classroom board.

Remember, no matter what your privacy settings are, if someone wants to, they

Always read up on your district's and school's online etiquette. Anything that is said on etiquette, be it online or off, follow online and offline.
How Can We Avoid This Problem?
Wasn't She Smart Enough to Keep it Private?
Payne's Facebook page is set to private and doesn't allow students or strangers to become her friends on the social networking site. She felt as though she had stashed these pictures in a shoebox at home and they had been stolen and showed to the principal. (Georgia News Day)

"They're not even of me drinking the drinks and I don't look like I'm intoxicated in any way or doing anything provocative or inappropriate." (WSBTV)
Facebook Frenzy
A Case Study Analysis of Ashley Payne
As stated before, Payne was pressured into resigning from her position at the school. She has tried to sue to get her job back without success and is trying for a due process hearing as well.

She is currently a graduate student at the University of Georgia, but getting her job back does not seem likely. (Atlanta Journal-Constitution)

The Outcome
How Does this Affect
the Teaching Profession?
Many of the cases we look at for this project are worst case scenarios - teachers harassing students, having sexual relationships with students, getting a DUI while driving students in your personal vehicle.

This was a case where the teacher thought her information was safe and was not harmful or inappropriate for anyone, even if they did happen to find it.

This should bring light to teachers; always be conscientious of what you post and how it could be taken. We are held to a much higher moral code than most. Post carefully.

It may be innocent fun, but always keep in mind the parent that may see the worst in it. The anonymous person who found these saw Ashley Payne as a party girl with a mouth like a sailor and who promotes drinking alcohol when she teaches at a high school.
"Ashley Payne is at Crazy Bitch Bingo with her Bitches!"
My Professional Opinion
Ashley Payne, a teacher at Apalachee High School in Winder, Georgia was offered the option of resigning or being suspended after an anonymous email (supposedly a concerned parent) was forwarded to her school Superintendent.

The parent was concerned about the picture showing alcohol use and the use of profanity on her Facebook page. (California Business Litigation)

*This picture was taken on her trip
through Europe.
* Crazy Bitch Bingo is an actual game,
like Quiz Ninjas and Geeks Who Drink
This case honestly frightens me a little. Most of us are very smart about our privacy settings and what we post even before we become teachers. How easily could something you post be found and skewed to imply something?
I believe that this case has been blown far out of proportion and I don't believe that it was handled in the best way.
However, it has brought to light how even the most innocent seeming post can be misconstrued.
(2009, November 11). Former Teacher Sues for Being Fired for Facebook Pics.
Retrieved from http://www.wsbtv.com/news/news/former-teacher-sues-for-being-fired-for-facebook-p/nFCzs/

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