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No description

WellFort CHS

on 26 November 2015

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Transcript of WellFort

WellFort Community Health Services: Program Orientation
Health n' Smiles
11 Staff members
$1 million operating budget
Childrens and seniors dental care
Serving Peel residents
Funding through Region of Peel
Health education/promotion programs
Injury prevention programs
Healthy eating and nutrition counseling
Individual and group counselling
Community based programs
Programs for the frail and elderly
Care and supports for persons who are homeless or under-housed
Bramalea Community Health Centre
18 staff members
$3.1 Million Operating Budget
Site of WellFort administration
Primary health care, health promotion, and community development serving the Bramalea area
Catchment for non insured extends to all of Brampton
Funded through CW LHIN
Service Delivery Developed Through Continuous Quality Improvement Initiatives
Bloom Clinic
Diabetes Education Program
Four Corners Health Centre
40 Finchgate Blvd, Brampton
5 Staff Members
$550k Operating Budget
Clinical and outreach services focused on treatment and prevention of HIV and Hepatitis C
Region of Peel catchment area
Funded by Hep C Secretariat MoHLTC
40 Finchgate Blvd. Brampton
and 3233 Brandon Gate Dr. Malton
40 Finchgate Blvd. Brampton
40 Finchgate Blvd
WellFort Community Health Services
40 Finchgate Blvd, Brampton
Social Media
Four Corners
Bloom Clinic

Community Capacity Building:

Target Populations
CHC Service Areas
Areas of Business
*Bramalea Community Health Centre and Four Corners Health Centre are pleased to provide same day appointments
Service Basket
Bramalea Initiative
Four Corners Initiative
3233 Brandon Gate Dr. Malton (pending move to Westwood Mall)
Worker and supervisor awareness training
Education and tools to prevent workplace injuries and illness
Access to workplace health services - diabetes screening & flu shot clinics
Employer access to the wider occupational health system
Workshops and health fairs on employee wellness and safety
Bloom provides education, treatment, and support to populations living with HIV and Hepatitis C and conducts outreach to populations at identified statistical risk of HIV and Hepatitis C infection including:
Homeless and under-housed populations
Intravenous drug users
Men's prison populations
Diabetes Education
Glucose Meter Training
Cholesterol Classes
Exercise Groups
Medication and Insulin Classes
Cooking Demonstrations
Yoga Sessions
9 Staff Members
$1 Million Operating Budget
Diabetes focused clinical services for Brampton and Malton residents
Funding through CW LHIN
Medical care that focuses on illness prevention, health promotion and injury prevention
Counseling services provided to individuals or groups of people who share issues of concern
Diabetes education
Community development activities that address the social determinants of health in Malton
Priority Populations
Newcomers to Canada
Families who are under-resourced
Racialized community

Prevention and education
Dental cleanings
Restorative procedures
Emergency treatment
Fluoride treatment
Oral Health Education Seminars for children
Four Corners Initiative to provide services, programs, and events in French including:
Health education classes
Group exercise classes

63 employees
5 programs
$8 million operating budget
2 physical sites
CCA and CDA Accredited

Association of Ontario Health Centres (AOHC)
Central West Local Health Integration Network (CW LHIN)
Health Quality Ontario (HQO)
Region of Peel
National Association of County and City Health Officials (NACCHO)

16 staff members
$1.7 Million operating budget
Primary health care, health promotion, and community development services serving Malton residents
Funding through CW LHIN

Advanced Access*
LEAN Principles
Kanban Supply Management
Every Step Counts
'Doing Today's Work Today'
Paperless as possible
Point of touch paper

Working with residents to build stronger communities utilizing an asset based community development approach.
Engaging community based participatory research and planning by utilizing our clients perspectives to develop our service delivery and advise our partnered community organizations to align community service delivery goals and vision .
Health Promotion:
Analyzing community trends to identify priority areas of health intervention to distribute information and provide health education services that meet the challenges our communities face.
Advocating for change to broader public policy that impacts our clients' health and well being.
Establishing availability of our primary care services to community members when they need them and with the provider of their choice.
Outreaching our services into the community to reach clients in centrally accessible service locations that our clients know and frequent
Delivery of oral health care to Peel residents with no or government sponsored insurance.
Oral health education.
Advocating for more equitable access to oral health services for all regardless of socio-economic status.

Areas of Business cont'd
Primary Care
Oral Care
WellFort Service Delivery Philosophy
Open Focused Care
The framework through which we deliver all service components

OFC Principles
Asset Based
Anti Oppressive
Advance Access
Fluid and Mobile
Gold Standard
WellFort will provide you with access to your care team when you need or want, including same day appointments
WellFort Snapshot
Funded to provide services to individuals who traditionally face barriers in accessing health care.

One of 70 CHC's in Ontario and first CHC in Peel
Provides holistic care to individuals, families, and the community with a wide range of programs, services, and initiatives.
Primary services components are community capacity, health promotional, primary care and oral health care.
Service delivery philosophy is Open Focused Care
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