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6th Grade Science Review Boxes

No description

Emily Truslow

on 28 October 2016

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Transcript of 6th Grade Science Review Boxes

A local developer wants to turn a large wetland area
along the Chickahominy River into a mixed-use
community featuring affordable housing and retail. He
chose the wetland because the land was inexpensive,
and the resulting housing could be sold for less money.

Costs Benefits

Considering the costs and benefits, explain what you
think the best decision would be.
Convection Currents:
The major water currents around the Earth. The currents are caused by the movement of hot water expanding outwards while the cold water moves into replace it.

All currents in the North move->

(23.45 degrees)
Solar System (2 facts each)
In Va there is an area of low pressure moving out towards the coast, and followed by a high pressure region that will bring in precipitation.
6th Grade Science

Mini- Lesson

The more you put into the review the better you'll do!
There are two times when we have the HIGHEST HIGH TIDES and the LOWEST LOW TIDES
Because the tilt of the Earth remains the same as it revolves around the sun the position of the N or S hemisphere changes, causing the seasons.
Note the arrangemnt of the Sun Moon and Earth.
spring= straight line Neap = 90 degree angle
Do you see how the high tide bubble moves with the moon. That is because the moons Gravity pulls on the water, causing HIGH TIDE.
Spring tides
Neap tides-
at 90 degrees to the sun
The Moon Phases counter
clockwise! meaning it appears on
the right first- fills up and then
wanes on the left.
looks like ice cicles!
oh no the ice melted! :(
Look at the examples!:
Turbidity can tell you how much erosion is happening and how healthy the water is in an area.
Form of energy:
Nuclear Chemical Chemical Thermal/mech Electrical Radiant
you do it:________-->____________ --> ____________--> ______________
you do this one!
There will be videos to follow, as they play write down 2 facts for each planet
Approximate the following measurements:
1. The length of your thumb- millimeter
2. The width of the classroom- meter
3. The height of your lab table- centimeter

Pedro believes that spraying water on snowballs make them fly farther when throw.
If he were to scientifically test this idea, what would be his:
Independent Variable: Spraying water
Dependent Variable: Distance
Control: Normal Snowball
Constants: size of snow ball, amount of water added
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