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Nurse Anesthetist

No description

Kiara Lester

on 30 March 2015

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Transcript of Nurse Anesthetist

Thank You!
Certified Registered Nurse Anthetists
CRNAs are master's prepared advanced practice nurses who enjoy high degree of anatomy and professional respect.
The average student nurse anesthetist completes almost 2,500 clinical hours and administers about 850 anesthetics.
Duties of CRNA
They care for a patient before, during, and after a medical procedure by performing a patient assessment
Courses Taken & Program Overview
By: Kiara Lester
Block 2
Nurse Anesthetist
When, Where, How Long???
Graduation from a accredited graduate school of nurse anesthesia
Pass a national certification examination following graduation
A bachelor's of Science in Nursing
A current license as a registered nurse
At least one year's experience in an acute nursing setting.
It takes a minimum of seven calender years to prepare for a CRNA
Education continued..
CRNAs are registered nurse who work in collaboration with anesthesiologists, deliver anesthesia for medical procedures
Places of Employment
Hospital operating room
Birthing centers/ Obstetrics
Dental offices
Emergency rooms
Plastic surgery centers
And outpatient surgery facilities
Work Days and Salary Range
Salary- $157,000-214,000
8 hour shifts, 10 hour shifts, 12 hour shifts , 16 hour shifts or 24 hour shifts depending on the needs of the hospital
Work 40 – 50
hours or more per week.
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