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David J. Pelzer

No description

Sora Kim

on 15 January 2013

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Transcript of David J. Pelzer

David J. Pelzer Who is David J. Pelzer? "A Child Called It" "The Lost Boy" Why I chose him:
His books are emotional, true, and inspiring. The first book EVER to make me cry, as well as to make me angry.
David J. Pelzer was born on December 29, 1960. He is known for his memoir "A Child Called It."
He was the third of five boys and like it states in his book, as a child he was abused, mistreated, and beaten by his mother. His mother thought of it as some sort of game.
On March 5, 1973, his teachers decided to help and reported the situation. He was placed in foster care. In 1979, he joined the air force and later became an author. This book is about the
childhood of David J. Pelzer.
It shares the story of a
young boy and the abuse
he went through as a child.
stabbed, forced to drink
ammonia, starved, forced to eat his own
This is another memoir
David J. Pelzer wrote about.
This part of the book shares
his older childhood, when he was
in foster care.
He looks for love and care
as he was placed with strangers. REVIEWS Readers: BrokenSmileBokenDreams

“im only 13, and it really opened my eyes. at school theres so much going on, and my friends have so much dramas, but then you stop and think people around the world have to go thru stuff like this everyday and/or worst and it breaks my heart. i worry about clothes that i wear and stuff that i have but now i worry about others and making sure there okay, when i grow up i wanna be someone that can help people that have been thru abuse or are going thru this.”
ElEMENT: Sincerity
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