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Shara Williams

on 10 May 2013

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Transcript of Untitled Prezi

Burger King
Taco Bell
Chipotle Television
Customer Mailings
Point of Sale Displays
Direct Mail
Sales Promotion
New Products! Marketing Programs Change it up! Value Proposition Strategy Competitive Analysis History

1940’s Start up by Dick and Mac
Quality, Service, Cleanliness, and Value
1963- One million hamburgers sold
1970’s-every state had a McDonalds Most Recognizable Logo
Better Value Menus
Similar Product-Lower Price
Advertising Competitive Advantage Strategy Threats

Increasing Rival sellers
Price Wars
Product Innovations
Growth of competitors
Health conscious consumers
Healthier menu items Opportunities

Low cost menus
Attracting new customers
Diversification and Acquisition
Retail Merchandise
Seeking out Specialty items S.W.O.T Tamara
Shara Weaknesses

Too cheap
Inconsistent Customer Service
Questionable product quality
Order accuracy
Lack of healthy menu items Strengths

New innovative products
Dollar Menu
Recognizable Logo
Adapt to Cultural differences
Keeping up with consumers S.W.O.T Needs Kids "Treat"

Fun Place to Eat

Businessmen Quick Meal

Saver Menu-Teens

Product Selection Segments Customer Analysis Most to gain
Starbucks example

Building process
More Locations

Signature sandwich


Healthy Menu

Gluten free Opportunities Competitive Analysis Threats Market Analysis Company Analysis


34,000 Local Resturants
Serve 69 million in 119 countries daily
Franchisees and Suppliers
5 P's Plan to win


Intensifying competition
Healthy Foods
Originallity Opportunities Threats Burger King Delivery

Wendys Charity Night

Taco Bell Open Late

KFC "Family meal"

Chipotle Local/Healthy foods

Starbucks Variety- True coffee Expand Healthy Menu

Accurate Speed of Service

Customer Service

Fresh made to order food Brand Loyalty
Plan to Win
Employee Value Core Message Strategy Customer Experience
McDonald's System
Business Ethics
Giving Back
Improvement Promotions Veteran Advantage Program
Fundrasing Program
Recognition Program for Students
Ronald McDonald Appearances
The Arch Card
Play Places & Parties
Giveaways & Discounts
Customer Loyalty Program
Happy Meal Deals In 2010, McDonald’s launched the Best of Sustainable Supply website, a collection of leading supplier best practices on a range of sustainability issues. Beef
Coffee beans
Organic milk Sales Forecast New Products Egg White Turkey Sausage
Wake-Up McWrap Protein Artisan Snack Plate Apple Cinnamon Oatmeal Spinach Florentine
Breakfast McWrap New Look Conclusion McDonald’s will continue to build the business in 2013 and beyond by enhancing the customer experience across all pillars their Plan and our three global growth priorities to optimize their menu, modernize the customer experience and broaden accessibility to their brand.
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