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Mountain Lion

No description

Mike Graham

on 21 May 2014

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Transcript of Mountain Lion

Quentin's Prezi
How Do They Move?
They run and jump with their four legs.
They can run 60 miles per hour!
They usually live alone in swamps, forests, mountains, deserts, and grasslands.
They can be found in :
North America
How Does the Mountain Lion Look
Males measure 8ft. from nose to tail
Females measure 6.5 ft. nose to tail
They weigh 110 to 180 pounds
They are light brown with some black and white on the face.
Mountain Lion Habits
They like to eat deer, mice, rabbits, and other small animals.
The female cougar can make a sound like a human scream.
They like to sleep during the day in the woods well hidden.
They can fight off predators with their sharp claws and their deadly bite.
Interesting Facts
Mountain Lions are also called cougars, pumas, catamount, and panthers.
They live to be 12 years old in the wild.
They can jump 15 feet high
The Family of the Mountain Lion
Mountain lions have 1-6 babies per liter
The cubs live with their mother for their first 2 yrs. of life.
When they are kittens they are spotted and born with their eyes closed.
10 days later they open their eyes.After a few monthes they lose their spots.
40 days later they sop drining their mother's milk and start eating meat.
Mountain Lion
Written By : Quentin Vela
Where Do They Live?
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