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The View From the Top

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aud mcgwvc

on 14 September 2015

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Transcript of The View From the Top

The Bigger Picture; View From The Top of The World
Seeing Things On a Global Scale
From Greenland to Canada
A Birdseye View
Hiking helps us see things differently and appreciate our natural world
These ancient mountains
Turn left and we see the ancient glaciers of Whistler slowly disappearing .

One of Antarctica's ice shelf lost a total of about 1,255 square miles in 35 days back in 2002.
The View From the Top
Of The World
See The Bigger Picture
Hiking gives one an opportunity to really see the bigger picture.

To see the world from multiple perspectives

So Zoom in and see...
The Magnificent Views of Whistler's Skyline
We can see the scale of our world, its longevity, but we do not see the scale of our importance in the blink of our lifetime. Zoom in...
We can enjoy the view of clear blue lakes.

Perspective can give us more to appreciate.
Whistler Valley Centuries In The Making
Sometimes we need to look from afar to see the details of what is happening all around us.

Can you see...
The Source of Fresh Air
The forests convert carbon to oxygen

No forests; no air!
Clear mountain water from snow melt
Two shades of lake water, one's source is high in the lime stone mountains the other from a valley river.
View From an Airbus A330
Greenland's Glaciers
Zoom in and see the frozen ancient rivers
Six Months Later , Zoom Out For The Bigger Picture
The warming of the ice caps will eventually cool water temperatures

Marine Life will be adversely affected

The ocean currents will slow down causing land to cool faster

And global farming may cause another mini ice age
The planet knows how to cleanse itself and kill off parasites
How Much Longer?
Greenland last July

Well it was Summer after all
Hope You Enjoyed the View... and the Perspective
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