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Miriam Tyson

on 22 January 2014

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Transcript of Europe

Acid Rain Effects in Germany
Great Smog Protection
Please wait for our 30 second show!!!
London-Great Smog
Chernobyl Disaster
The Chernobyl Disaster was caused by a accidental bomb in the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Station.
Radioactive material fell through the air over 233,090 square miles of unsafe radiation.
The people of Chernobyl immediately had to leave the town and all their belongings.
The reactor was covered in concrete but was not guranteed to not leak.
Chernobyl Adjectives
Acid Rain in Germany
Acid Rain comes from the UK by wind.
The main sources are factories and power plants.
The effects are that they are trying to reduce the amount of fossil fuels and coal used.
By Debra
& Katelyn

DD and KK Jam!
Air Pollution
There are smokeless zones which are areas where only smokeless fuels can be used.
The main cause is automobile emissions.
During the Great Smog, crimes were increased.
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