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Products and Natural Resources of the West Region

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Staci Regier

on 29 March 2013

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Transcript of Products and Natural Resources of the West Region

Alaska Agriculture Summary Willamette Valley Located in Oregon

Variety of farms that grow
berries and wide range of
vegetables. Pacific Ocean
supports fishing industry
ships are used for trading goods from Japan and Asia to the West and other parts of U.S. The harsh Alaskan climate does not support
many types of plants that are necessary
for certain crops.

Many Alaskan crops are grown greenhouses.

Greenhouse: an enclosed structure that allows light to enter and prevents heat and moisture
from escaping)

Barley, Oats, Hay, and Potatoes Products and Natural Resources of the West Agriculture is the main source of
income for some areas in the West.

Livestock: animals that are raised
on farms and ranches.

Beef cattle, sheep (wool), and milk are produced in the West. Resources & Industries The West raises more than 150 different fruit and vegetable crops each year.

Raising livestock, fishing, and mining are all important industries in the West Region.

Through the use of greenhouses, many states in the West also grow flowers, plants, and bushes that are sold around the U.s. Objective: summarize the variety of resources in the West Region of the U.S. Central Valley

Huge area between the California Coastal
Range and the Sierra Nevada with many

California produces the widest variety
of fruits, vegetables, and nuts.

Produces grape, strawberry, peach, plum
and melon crops. The fishing industry is also important to the West! Cod, flounder, halibut, salmon, crab, and shrimp keep the economy in Alaska thriving.

Hawaii also has an important fishing industry that supplies swordfish and tuna to the U.S. The West is known for its wealthy supply of mineral resources such as oil, coal, lead, silver, gold, and copper. Many of these minerals are found in the Rocky Mountains.

The West is the center of the timber industry. Much of the wood products used in the U.S. come from the West (lumber, cardboard, paper, books).

Since wood is a valuable resource, timber companies will reforest trees. This means they plant new trees to replace the ones they have cut. Idaho: potatoes
Hawaii: pineapple
Washington: apples
Great Salt Lake: Salt
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